raise the white flag

I surrender. Or not.

Have we gone too far with political correctness? Or not far enough? Are liberals and minorities overly sensitive about everything or not sensitive enough? Shall we surrender to extreme political correctness? If so, let's raise the white flag of surrender. Except we can't, because a white flag would be racist. Because it's white.

The white flag has been in use for thousands of years. It is a symbol of surrender, of giving up. Now, suddenly, because of extreme political correctness, is it a microaggression, a symbol of racism? And, if so, what do we have to change it to? Do we dump the white flag of surrender and use a multi-colored flag of surrender instead? Or battlefield soldiers could revert back to the ancient "hands up don't shoot" surrender gesture, though that might now be politically incorrect or politically insensitive as "Hands Up Don't Shoot" seems to have become a racial protest gesture. Or perhaps we could just bow our heads in surrender - and submit to never-ending extremes of political correctness.

In any event, the all-white flag of surrender is racist and can no longer be used as a symbol. That being the case, there is now no recognized symbol or gesture of surrender. That being the case, I guess we can never surrender.

Yes, this is satire. If you don't know what satire is go look it up. And, no, don't accuse me of being an old white male Republican. Or a racist. I am an old white male Independent. And growing tired of extreme political correctness.