where's the black actors?

a white person

from Entertainment Weekly

"The Oscars made big news last week, but not the way they intended. When the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences revealed its picks for the year’s best performances on Jan. 14, no actors of color were nominated for the second consecutive year."

"A 2012 Los Angeles Times study found that the roughly 6,000-member Academy is nearly 94 percent Caucasian and 77 percent male, with a median age of 62."

Hollywood is notoriously liberal. And Democratic. Liberals are all about equality, about being Fair and Equal. Liberal Democrats are against the War on Women. Liberal Democrats are against Racism. So where's the black actor and actress Oscar nominations? There are none. For two years in a row no black actor or actress has been nominated for an Academy Award.

Apparently, Hollywood is racist. Apparently, Hollywood liberals are racist. Apparently, in reality, Hollywood liberal Democrats are behaving just like the people they hate: old white male conservative Republicans. Hmm. Could it be that Hollywood liberals are racists? Could it be that Hollywood liberals say one thing and do the opposite? Could it be that Hollywood liberals are hypocrites? Hmm.