Hollywood hypocrites - again

Leonardo DiCaprio won an Oscar last night. For Best Actor. And, when he accepted his Academy Award, he used the podium to give a speech against Global Warming, against polluting the planet. Yet Leonardo may be one of the biggest individual polluters on the planet, with a huge carbon footprint - flying on private jets, partying and conferencing on luxury yachts and owning at least 4 enormous carbon burning homes. Not only did he star in the movie, "The Great Gatsby", he LIVES like Gatsby!

DiCaprio partied on this yacht at the World Cup in Rio in 2014

DiCaprio is a fine actor. And a good looking guy who has no problem getting laid. And he's also a wealthy one-percenter. His estimated net worth in 2015 was approximately $250 million. He can afford the finest things in life and does not deprive himself of those things. I do not begrudge him his lavish lifestyle. I do, however, resent ANY Hollywood hypocrite who admonishes and lectures me to do things they themselves never do, who admonishes and lectures me to reduce my carbon footprint while they increase theirs. I don't own a huge house, I don't own a yacht, I don't even own a car and I don't fly on private jets. MY carbon footprint is a hell of a lot smaller than any hypocritical carbon footprint hogging Hollywood celebrity!

Does breathing contribute to co2 emissions? We human inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide (co2). If breathing contributes to co2 emissions then all the liberal Global Warming hypocrites, in and out of Hollywood, should do the planet a favor ... and stop breathing!

California wants healthy models

from Reuters February 23, 2016

"Fashion models who want to work in California would need a doctor to attest that they are of healthy weight and not suffering from an eating disorder under a proposal announced by a state lawmaker on Monday."

The bill is proposed by California state Assembly member Marc Levine.

“The evidence of eating disorders in the modeling industry is alarming,” Levine, a Democrat who represents the Marin County suburbs of San Francisco, said in a statement on Monday.

Under his bill, which was introduced Feb. 19, modeling agencies would have to be licensed by the California Labor Commissioner, and could be fined if they hire models who do not have a physician certifying that they are healthy.

The bill, if passed, directs the state’s Department of Public Health and the Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board to adopt rules for the health of fashion models that would include periodic health checkups, nutrition consultations and medical testing."

Seriously? With all the critical things that need urgent attention in the State of California, the State Legislature is spending taxpayer time and money proposing a law making models get a note from their doctor saying they are healthy enough to work? Hey, all you do-nothing-state legislators, what about the critical general issues like lowering taxes, creating jobs, reducing bureaucratic government regulations and generally doing the job voters sent you to do? Instead, you want to make models get a note from their doctor before they can book a gig?

Hey, California lawmakers, I got news for you: when it comes to fashion modeling, Los Angeles or San Francisco (or any other city or town in California) is not Paris or New York. Not even close.

It gets worse. We know that some models can be anorexic, or border on it. What about Plus Size models? Can you be too HEAVY to be a healthy model too? If it passes, will the new law inadvertently cause Plus Size modeling to be declared illegal in California - with Plus Size models unable to work?

not fun but funny

Getting old is not fun but can be funny. I just came up with a good funny saying for all us dinosaurs:

"What falls on the floor stays on the floor."

Call me Max

I'm changing my name to Max. Maximilian. Only I'm gonna spell it Max-a-million. Because that's how much I'm gonna charge! To do anything.

being nice is sexy

Naughty or Nice?

From Yahoo.com/Business Insider

"In a study published this year, researchers looked exclusively at heterosexual women's preferences for attractiveness and altruism in men.

About 200 women were asked to look at photographs of men's faces. Half those faces had been determined to be extremely physically attractive; the other half had been determined to be extremely physically unattractive.

The women saw two pairs of faces at a time, one attractive and one unattractive.

Each pair of faces was displayed alongside a description of a scenario and how each man behaved. For example: "two people are walking through a busy town and see a homeless person sitting near a cafe." One man goes into the cafe and buys a sandwich and tea for the homeless person; the other man pretends to use his cellphone and walks straight past the homeless person.

All the women were asked to rate each man on how attractive he was for a short- or long-term relationship.

The researchers walked away with several key findings.

First, as previous research had found, altruistic men were more attractive than non-altruistic men.

Second, altruistic men were more attractive for long-term than short-term relationships. When it came to short-term relationships, non-altruistic men were in fact more desirable than altruistic men."

OK, men, this makes it real simple. If you want to have a long term relationship be a nice caring guy. If you want to get laid be a nasty naughty self-centered uncaring asshole.

Welcome to Winter

Today is February 13, 2016. In L.A., where I live, it will be 84 degrees. And sunny. Tomorrow it will be 88 degrees. And sunny. Welcome to Winter. In Los Angeles. Maybe I'll go to the beach. Or take a dip in the pool. Or rent a convertible and drive around with the top down. Or stay home - and turn on the air conditioner.

In New York, where I used to live, it will be 22 today. And 18 degrees tomorrow. Brrr. Welcome to Winter. Bundle up.

This weekend, in the mid-west and northeast the wind chill factor is expected to be 30-50 degrees below zero. Welcome to the Ice Age.

Winter in L.A. Warm and sunny. And the reason I live here. Can you blame me?

trash talking

When you throw out the garbage throw out the garbage in your head too.

Facebook stupid

OK, so I go to look at Facebook Breaking News and this is what I find: a "Security Check" which forces you to enter some text into a box before you can proceed. Here is the actual screenshot of that text:

Security Check

Hey, Facebook, can ANY human read that fucking text??? No. I tried several different texts and they all were completely unreadable. And, no, I didn't want to use the audio version and have some bot voice read me a bunch of letters and numbers. I exited the Facebook site, annoyed and disgusted.

Why do web sites burden us visitors with these stupid unreadable Security Check text thingies? I'll tell you why. Because the tech geniuses that force us to undergo this annoying impossible type of security check are either not human or stupid.

"The real danger is not that computers will begin to think like men, but that men will begin to think like computers. –Sydney J. Harris, American journalist, born September 4, 1917


One person's ultra-trendy is another person's uber-stupid.