Hollywood hypocrites - again

Leonardo DiCaprio won an Oscar last night. For Best Actor. And, when he accepted his Academy Award, he used the podium to give a speech against Global Warming, against polluting the planet. Yet Leonardo may be one of the biggest individual polluters on the planet, with a huge carbon footprint - flying on private jets, partying and conferencing on luxury yachts and owning at least 4 enormous carbon burning homes. Not only did he star in the movie, "The Great Gatsby", he LIVES like Gatsby!

DiCaprio partied on this yacht at the World Cup in Rio in 2014

DiCaprio is a fine actor. And a good looking guy who has no problem getting laid. And he's also a wealthy one-percenter. His estimated net worth in 2015 was approximately $250 million. He can afford the finest things in life and does not deprive himself of those things. I do not begrudge him his lavish lifestyle. I do, however, resent ANY Hollywood hypocrite who admonishes and lectures me to do things they themselves never do, who admonishes and lectures me to reduce my carbon footprint while they increase theirs. I don't own a huge house, I don't own a yacht, I don't even own a car and I don't fly on private jets. MY carbon footprint is a hell of a lot smaller than any hypocritical carbon footprint hogging Hollywood celebrity!

Does breathing contribute to co2 emissions? We human inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide (co2). If breathing contributes to co2 emissions then all the liberal Global Warming hypocrites, in and out of Hollywood, should do the planet a favor ... and stop breathing!