Medicare or Medi Doesn't Care?

I am on Medicare. Up to 2015 I found it to be very good, with my supplemental insurance, it covered pretty much everything I needed, with doctor visits, procedures and tests costing me little or nothing. Now, it is no longer the case. Here's the story...

I went for blood tests, the day before my appointment with my cardiologist. I was getting my sugar, cholesterol and PSA (prostate level) checked, all of which are high on an ongoing basis. I had given up my daily piece of cake and my popsicles for 6 full days prior to today's tests. 6 days, no sugar.

I went to the blood lab. The lab lady sat me down to do the quick paperwork. Then she told me that Medicare now only covers 2 PSA tests a year and 2 cholesterol tests a year. I explained that I had an ongoing high cholesterol and ongoing elevated PSA, severe enough to have tests on a regular ongoing basis and I would need several additional PSA tests throughout the rest of the year. She said that, after 2 tests, each PSA test would cost me upwards of $100. Same with the cholesterol tests. I was livid that Medicare was not properly covering adequate testing for my serious and ongoing medical issues. As we older Americans age we will have more ailments, more serious ailments, and will need MORE medical services. That's normal. And Medicare is not keeping up with the needs of its older subscribers. And I refused to be financially liable for the "extra" tests. I took back my prescription and left the lab, pissed off. I see my cardiologist tomorrow, will have no lab tests done for him, my pcp or my urologist.

As we Americans get older (and sicker) Medicare coverage is not keeping up, in fact, Medicare coverage is declining, going downward, towards Obamacare. I have survived more than 65 years to qualify for Medicare, only to find it suddenly failing to cover my (and other seniors') normal ongoing medical needs. This is a direct result of the federal government reducing Medicare coverage.

I have resolved to forego ANYTHING medical that Medicare and my supplemental insurance won't cover and that I have to pay for out of pocket. And, if I die as a result, I will come back and haunt everyone responsible for the reduced Medicare coverage :)

I am a pissed off old person. A pissed off old person who votes.

I survived past 65, only to be screwed by my government-run health care system, Medicare ... or, in this case, Medi-Doesn't-Care. Welcome to socialized medicine, American style, where the government is screwing old people - and no longer covering their necessary and needed medical services. Not good. For Americans on Medicare, health care is no longer controlled by the doctor, it's controlled by the government. And we know how well the government runs things.