coca cola is racist

From UPI:

CHARLOTTE, N.C., May 28 (UPI) -- Coca-Cola will begin selling limited edition patriotic red, white and blue cans over Memorial Day weekend to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the founding of the United Service Organizations (USO).

My response (pretending to be a liberal):

"I'm proud to be an American"? That's racist. It's anti-black and anti-Hispanic. Many blacks (and liberals) say America is racist and undocumented Mexican immigrants are not American - they're from a foreign country - but should have to right to cross the border into the U.S. freely and live here with impunity, with all the rights of an American citizen.

In fact, lots of members of minorities hate America. The only people who like America are rich white male Republicans, who are the only ones who benefit from the unfair and unequal system of capitalism. To minority groups (and extreme liberals) the "I'm proud to be an American" Coke slogan and red, white and blue coloration is offensive, a major microaggression, non-inclusive and, worst of all, politically incorrect.

These days, NOBODY is supposed to be proud to be an American, starting with the first black President of the United States (elected twice in racist America) and the liberal/socialist Democratic Party. Patriotism is so yesterday, so racist, and a completely unknown concept in the millennial generation.

A patriotic can of Coke? Shame on Coca Cola, for celebrating America - instead of shaming it.

I'm only pretending to be an extreme liberal. I wrote this stuff pretending to be an extreme liberal, but I sound just like a real one! It's perfect parroting: no facts, no reality, no common sense. Damn, I'm a good fake liberal!


It used be said, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away."

Now it's, "An Apple a day keeps the reality away."

You may have to have to be "older" to find that funny. Young people may not get the humor of it, or the truth.

free dumb

living at home with your parents

From the Washington Post:

"For the first time in modern history, more 18-to-34-year-olds live with their parents than in any other living arrangement, according to a Pew Research Center report released Tuesday.

In 2014, nearly one-third of young adults lived in their parents’ home, a bigger group than those living with a spouse or romantic partner, living alone or with roommates, or living as single parents.

A big reason is a decline in economic opportunities. As the cost of living has escalated and wages have stagnated, mounting student debt and rising home prices create obstacles to cohabitation and marriage."

Welcome to the new America, where 30-year-olds live with their parents. Free rent, free food, free laundry, free loading, free dumb.

Millennials should blame Obama - and the Democrats - for doing little or nothing from 2008-2016 to grow the economy, and doing little or nothing to help create good new full-time jobs for college graduates.

"It's the economy Stu Pitt".

New definition for Pi

Pi is a math symbol. 3.14 etc. I am now using it to mean something else. Pi. The letters P and I. It now will also mean politically incorrect. Pi.

Political correctness has gone too far. It's time to fight back, with Pi! I am sick of extreme political correctness. It's getting ridiculous. It's everywhere. It's TOO extreme. It's enough! I am fighting back. With Pi. I am now using the Pi symbol to stand for Political Incorrectness, in reaction to Political Correctness gone too far. I will use it as a signature in my emails. I will put it on my blog. On my social media. I will design a hat with the Pi symbol on it and wear it proudly. Maybe I'll have lots of stuff with Pi on it. I'm fighting back. I've had enough.

This extreme political correctness must end. Stop the Extreme Political Correctness. Stop it now.


I am starting a movement for all of us who are not extreme liberals - and who are fed up with all the extreme political correctness. Let's end the extreme political correctness, it's gone too far. Way too far. It's time for some common sense. Some sanity. Some reality. It's time for a backlash movement to stop extreme political correctness. I am starting this movement. Right here, right now. And I am using the Pi symbol as the logo for this movement. It stands for, "I oppose extreme political correctness". Let's stop the extreme liberals and all the outrageous extreme political correctness. Let's stop it NOW. Join me. Cut & paste the symbol below, add your own caption if you wish, and use it to protest extreme political correctness!

I am Pi

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show 'em the rope

The surviving terrorist of the deadly recent Paris attack was apprehended and he promised to talk to authorities and possibly provide very valuable information about the attack. When he subsequently got a lawyer he changed his mind and decided not to talk to authorities.

Here's what we should do when violent criminals are apprehended and taken into custody ...

Show 'em the rope.

Interrogators should walk into the room, show them a noose and give violent criminals a choice: "Talk or get the rope." That's right. If he doesn't want to talk take him out and hang him. If he refuses to provide information he's worthless to law enforcement. Why should we keep him alive if he's worthless? If he refuses to talk and is worthless, take him out and hang him. Give him a choice. Show 'em the rope. If he won't talk, take him out and hang him ASAP. All you need is a rope and a tree. And we can televise it, too, as a message to other violent criminals.

The new death penalty: immediate hanging. It's inexpensive, it's fast and it works.

This is a good idea for any violent crimes when the perpetrator is apprehended. Give them a choice. In custody, if they refuse to talk, show 'em the rope! Talk or die. No long trials, no long prison term, no repeat offenders. Show 'em the rope.

Yes, I know you can't do that. Yes, I know alleged criminals have rights and we can't just catch them, give them a quick trial and, if found guilty, take 'em out and hang them, like they did in the Old West. Wouldn't it be nice if we could?

Forced to upgrade Windows 10

Shame on Microsoft.

Microsoft is FORCING people to upgrade to Windows 10??? Yes. Microsoft, you FORCED me to upgrade, from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, without my permission, without my seeing or signing ANY agreement before you did it. You took over my computer, without my permission, and installed a completely new operating system on it. You did not ask me or warn me, you just did it. How dare you!

Today, Wednesday, May 18, 2016, at 6:30 AM, I turned on my computer and started my day. I had things to do online: check my emails, read the news, update my blogs, check to see if I won the lottery. I am checking my emails when, suddenly, my computer begins to restart, right in the middle of what I was doing. No warning, no nothing. Luckily, I was not doing banking or anything critical online. I see a message on my screen that says my computer is "upgrading". Upgrading? Upgrading to what? I didn't agree to upgrade anything. My computer was FORCING me to upgrade, from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10! I don't want Windows 10, I was happy with Windows 8.1. I could not stop the forced upgrade. And I could not use my computer while it was upgrading, thus not only was Microsoft FORCING me to install their new operating system on my computer, they were keeping me from my work. I sat there fuming, watching the forced installation of a product I do not want.

Microsoft took over my computer and, for the hour it took for it to AUTOMATICALLY and FORCIBLY upgrade me to a completely new operating system (Windows 10), without my permission, I could not use my computer. When the upgrade finished my computer restarted and I was looking at the new Windows 10. I did not know what I was looking at. Everything had changed!!! Everything was different. I did not know where anything was or how to access all the things I usually use. I was lost. I could not use Windows 10. I could not find out where things were or how to use them. I was dead in the water. I now owned a new $1,000 Lenovo laptop and a operating system I could not use, making my $1,000 computer useless! I was out of business, unable to function in the electronic age. Now what? I was screwed. And really, really, really pissed off.

I phoned Microsoft to see if they could remove the new UNWANTED Windows 10 from my computer and give me back my Windows 8.1. I was put on hold for 30 minutes. Really? Yes. I hung up and called Lenovo, the maker of my laptop. They answered promptly, sympathetically listened to my problem, and informed me that they could help me, at an additional charge of $129. Excuse me? I paid $1,000 for their laptop, which was still under warranty, and they wanted to charge me $129 to help me fix a huge problem on my new Lenovo laptop? I told them "No thanks" and said, "By the way, as a result of this forced upgrade by Microsoft I am never buying another Windows-based product. That includes Lenovo computers." I am now going to boycott and badmouth Microsoft and in the future I will be switching to Apple!" Right now, however, I do not want to spend another $1,000 for an iLaptop nor do I want to learn yet another unfamiliar operating system, (IOS). For the time being, I will have to limp along with Windows 10. And increase the dosage of my blood pressure medication.

I am too old for this. I am too old and too tired to learn a totally new operating system, Windows 10. I was just fine with Windows 8.1. This forced upgrade was not an update it was a forced installation of a totally new operating system, without my permission or agreement. Now, as a result, I can't do the things I want to do on my computer and I am stuck with a new operating system I don't know how to use - and which does not allow me to do the things I need and want to do. What do I do now? I have no idea, I'm too busy being outraged to think about it. As for Microsoft FORCING us users to install their new operating system, I have a few choice words about that: I never agreed to upgrade. I did not WANT to upgrade. I do not want the Windows 10 operating system and can't use it.


1. The next day, I tried to use the Windows 10 new browser, Edge. Guess what? It is does not allow extensions and thus is INCOMPATIBLE with my already purchased, installed and activated Norton Antivirus program, a program which protects my computer from viruses and which I also use to store all my passwords so when I am online I can automatically log in to the many websites I visit. There is no way to move my hundred saved passwords to the Windows 10 browser, Edge! So now, with my new frickin operating system, Windows 10, I can't even use it's frickin browser!!! AND, Windows 10 will NOT allow me to make Chrome my default browser, either. Hey, Microsoft, is it MY computer or YOURS???

2. AND, in trying to use the Windows 10 built-in email app, I discovered there is no way to import my existing contacts from my normal online email accounts, AOL and Yahoo. So I can't even use the Windows 10 email app to compose and send emails to any of my existing contacts - because I can't access their email addresses via this stupid built-in Windows 10 email app!

3. I go out every night. I often take my computer with me. After I was forcibly upgraded I noticed that, when I take my computer with me at night, I get only about 4 hours usage on a charge. Before Windows 10 I consistently got over 5 hours on a charge. Windows 10 is a battery hog! Now, thanks to Windows 10, I have to come home early, or take my bulky heavy charger with me, or leave my computer at home. Windows 10 has adversely affected my social life!

4. The Forced Upgrade wiped out my old calendar and installed a new blank calendar. Where are all the appointments, past, present and future, that I had entered on my computer's calendar? Gone. Birthdays, doctor's appointments, ALL my appointments, all gone, with no way to sync or restore them.

5. Can't opt-out of Microsoft emails. Today, I got an email from Microsoft all about how to use Windows 10. It was, obviously to me, an unwanted email. I wished to unsubscribe from ALL Microsoft emails and, after scouring the internet and my computer for 30 minutes, I could NOT find out to unsubscribe from Microsoft emails. First they inflicted us with forced upgrades. Now they force us to get their emails?

6. Three weeks later, my wifi icon suddenly stopped showing up in my desktop toolbar. I had a wifi connection but no wifi icon. As I have several wifi providers I wanted my wifi icon to appear so I could check for the best connection. My wifi icon has ALWAYS appeared on my toolbar. Suddenly, it was gone. I spent 20 minutes online trying to find out how to put my wifi icon back where it belonged. After wading through dozens of technically complicated possible solutions, I finally found the answer. It turns out that Windows 10 decided, on its own, to disappear my wifi icon from my toolbar. I had to reset one of the notification buttons and when I did, voila, my wifi icon once again appeared where I wanted it to appear. The question is: why did Microsoft arbitrarily and annoyingly decide to suddenly stop showing this important icon, an icon which I had previously selected to show?

7. And the Windows 10 Siri-like app, Cortana, is a little weird. I verbally asked it, "Can you have a two-way conversation?" She responded, "That's not on my list of skills but I can give you the height of the Empire State Building." Really?

And so, after being FORCED to install this completely new operating system, I ask, "Windows 10 is an improvement, how?"

Thanks, Microsoft, in forcing me to upgrade to Windows 10 you made me - and my new $1,000 laptop - worthless and useless. For creating the poorly functioning new operating system, Windows 10 - and then forcing people to install it - you, Microsoft, should give yourself a grade of "F". In other words, Microsoft, go f yourself.

woman drives into lake

A woman in Ontario, Canada, trying to navigate a foggy night ended up driving straight into Lake Huron Thursday, according to police.

The 23-year-old Kitchener, Ontario, resident was following her car’s GPS when she somehow lost her way and drove into the lake. It was after midnight when she took the fateful turn, and suddenly felt her red Toyota Yaris filling with sub-40 degree water as it sank.

Thinking quickly, the woman managed to roll down the windows before the vehicle disappeared below the surface, and swam to shore.

Apparently, no alcohol was involved in the incident and the driver will not be charged.

She followed her GPS and ended up in a lake? Epic fail! Thankfully, the young lady was not drunk, was not texting while driving, was not killed and was not charged by police. Maybe the GPS should be charged, with stupidity!

Transgender locker rooms



The Education and Justice Departments this morning sent a Dear Colleague letter to every public school district in the country reaffirming the administration’s interpretation of sweeping protections for transgender students under Title IX — including a transgender student’s right to use a bathroom or locker room that aligns with his or her gender identity. “No student should ever have to go through the experience of feeling unwelcome at school or on a college campus," Education Secretary John B. King Jr. said. “This guidance further clarifies what we’ve said repeatedly — that gender identity is protected under Title IX.”

So the White House is forcing schools and colleges to allow transgenders to undress and shower in the locker room of their choice.

That means a person who identifies with being a girl, but has a penis, must be allowed to undress and shower in the Girl's Locker Room. A naked person with a penis showering with girls. Naked. Girls forced to have a penis walking around in their locker room? And a person with breasts and a vagina who identifies with being a male must be allowed to shower naked in the Boy's Locker Room? And the government thinks this person will be welcomed and protected? That's like giving a 16-year-old male the keys to a Corvette.

One locker room fits all? And this policy is going to make the other 99.7% of non-transgender high school and college students feel comfortable and safe? I don't know what the solution is but it's not this.

Has common sense in America been replaced with political correctness? You decide. I already did.

Driving causes cancer

(HealthDay News) -- The front windshield of your car probably shields you from the sun's UV-A rays as you drive, but the same may not be true for side windows, a new study finds.

Experts have long known that prolonged exposure to ultraviolet A (UV-A) rays can raise the odds for skin cancer and cataracts.

And with the long hours many Americans drive each day, one researcher in California wondered how much sun protection today's cars might offer.

To find out, Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler, of the Boxer Wachler Vision Institute in Beverly Hills, analyzed the ultraviolet protection provided by the glass in 29 cars from 15 different automobile manufacturers.

Boxer Wachler measured levels of ambient UV-A radiation behind the front windshield and behind the driver's side window of the cars, which were produced between 1990 and 2014.

While windshield windows tended to offer good protection against UV-A, protection was lower and inconsistent for the side windows of cars, the study findings showed.

Overall, only 14 percent of the cars offered a high level of side-window UV-A protection, the research revealed.

Terrific, something else that can cause cancer. Driving. So, for decades, tens of millions of drivers have been exposed to cancer-causing UV rays through their side window while driving? Terrific. Luckily, I'm not affected by side window UV radiation, I drive with my window down. Oh, wait a minute, that's even worse!

So now we find out that something else may cause cancer. Driving. What DOESN'T cause cancer?

stocks are down, blame millennials

From Reuters:

"Disney (DIS.N) shares were down 5.5 percent at $100.71 after the company's results missed expectations as advertising and subscriptions declined at ESPN.

The stock was the biggest drag on the Dow, accounting for about 35 points of the index's 80 points fall. Macy's (M.N) sank 7.8 percent to $34.14 after the department store operator slashed its full-year sales forecasts. Macy's weak report dragged down other department store chains with J.C. Penney (JCP.N), Kohl's (KSS.N), Nordstrom (JWN.N) and Dillard's (DDS.N) falling between 2 to 6 percent."

This is due in no small part to Millennials. Many millennials do not believe in acquiring "things" i.e. buying stuff, stuff that creates jobs and grows the economy. In fact, retail sales account for a large percentage of our entire economy and millies are not contributing as they don't buy much beyond iPhones, tattoos and organic gluten-free food.

The American economy cannot grow and we cannot sustain our economic system without lots of people spending lots of money and acquiring lots of things. That's what creates real jobs in real world America. It's not happening anymore. We can thank the millies and the liberals for that.

In fact, the ONLY reason the stock market is as high as it is is because there are no other good investments where pension funds etc. can invest YOUR money. So all those billions of dollars go into the stock market, and keep stock prices perhaps artificially too high, awaiting a correction, bubble or crash.

To add to the problem, kids are not taught the basics of our economic system in school or at home or, if they are, they're taught that capitalism is bad. Thus, they don't even realize they are dooming themselves, by not spending money and buying things -- and creating jobs for themselves. Plus, liberals also hate capitalism and don't/won't support it.

These are the reasons why millennials will end up with no jobs and no money and living at home with their parents until age 65. You want a good future? Wake up and start spending!

top issue in America

Based on watching the news today and listening to liberal Democrats one would think that the #1 issue facing America is transgender bathroom rights.

The top issue on May 9, 2016 is not the economy or job creation or terrorism or out-of-touch politicians but transgender bathroom rights. Really?

anywhere you want to?

Welcome to the new America.

American Heart Association

Comments by Nancy Brown, CEO American Heart Association, in response to the FDA putting severe and expensive controls and regulations on electronic cigarettes:

"On behalf of my organization — the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association — and our 30 million-plus volunteers and supporters, we commend the FDA for taking this significant action. Still, it’s comforting to know that we’re headed in the right direction now and that we already know where more gains can be made.

So as we celebrate adding this milestone to the list, we look forward to further additions. The sooner we act, the more lives we can save and improve."

Sounds good except the new FDA regs will put most e-cig makers out of business and will thus deprive ADULTS of their right to buy and use the much safer electronic cigarettes. The new FDA regulations will force e-cig makers to submit and register all their products, at a cost of $1 million for EACH product, effectively putting them out of business.

As for the bogus argument that electronic cigarettes contain dangerous chemicals, e-cigs contain no tobacco and scientific studies show electronic cigarettes contain extremely low amounts of carcinogens, at levels not harmful to humans. In fact, according to and other reliable sources, many things contain carcinogens, including alcoholic beverages, processed meat, cosmetics and solar radiation. So, in the misguided effort to protect our youth from all potentially dangerous substances the government will have to ban practically everything, including sunshine!

FDA promotes smoking

The FDA has now made it impossible for small business e-cig makers to provide adult consumers with the safer alternative to smoking. Thus, thanks to the stupid government, MORE Americans may soon be smoking cigarettes!


"Companies must within two years submit premarket tobacco application papers with the FDA, which will take on average 1,500 hours to process with an additional 213 hours for related environmental review, at an estimated cost of more than $1 million for each flavor, nicotine strength and device – a prohibitive barrier to smaller firms. And once applications are submitted, there’s no guarantee the FDA will give a green light."

$1 million. Per flavor and per strength and per device. Well, that puts my e-cig supplier out of business. And all the other small electronic cigarette companies. My e-cig supplier makes the products in California and employs many workers in California, ALL of whom will soon be unemployed. Nice going FDA. So, at that point (2 years from now) I will have to switch to a major e-cig maker (none of which compare to my current supplier), or stop vaping, or try a smoking cessation drug with horrible side effects, or use a stupid nicotine patch which takes 6-hours to begin working, or return to smoking, which is banned everywhere. Or maybe I'll be dead by then and my problem will solve itself.

Today, Saturday, May 7, 2016, marks 4 years and 5 months since I stopped smoking. After smoking a pack a day for over 50 years, I quit - in 1 day - thanks solely to e-cigs. According to my doctors and all the tests, I am healthier now than I was 5 years ago. And the government wants to regulate e-cigs out of business. Idjiots!

After I win the $400 million Powerball jackpot tonight, at this point in American history I may have to leave my native country, America, buy a private island and start my own country, with my own laws. I will be the ruler. I will make the laws. And vaping will be allowed! Personal freedom for adults will be allowed! Idjiots will not be allowed!

reality show presidency

Paraphrasing what President Obama said of Donald Trump's run for the Presidency: "Being President is a tough job, it's not like a reality show".

To which I say, "Hey, maybe it's time America had a President who WAS in touch with reality!"


Donald Trump. The end of politics. And the end of politicians. Welcome back to government by the people, of the people, and for the people.

Donald Trump as President
Goodbye liberals, goodbye bullshit, bankruptcy and bad government. Goodbye Black Lives Matter. Goodbye to the race card, the woman card, the illegal immigrant card, the global warming card, the class warfare card, the millennial "everything should be free, and easy" card, the "apology tour" card, the "can't say radical Islam" card. Goodbye to the "more government is good" card and every other card the liberals love to play.

Welcome to the new America, circa 2017. Under newly elected President Trump say hello to jobs again, say hello to prosperity again, say hello to respect from other nations again. Hello! You've been Trumped!

Target stores targeted

The chain store, Target, will now officially have "bathrooms for everyone", i.e. gender-neutral bathrooms. Yes, really.

From their corporate website: "In our stores, we demonstrate our commitment to an inclusive experience in many ways. Most relevant for the conversations currently underway, we welcome transgender team members and guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity."

The response? More than 1 million people have already signed a pledge to boycott shopping at Target. I don't know if I want to go so far as to boycott the Target chain of stores. If I go shopping at Target, maybe I'll just make sure I go to the bathroom before I go there. Or maybe, as a guy, I'll let my "female side" out and use the ladies room at my local Target store which, unfortunately, may cause heterosexual women in the bathroom to feel uncomfortable and/or scared.

Gender-neutral bathrooms. Why? Because less than 1% of the population (.3%) wants to be able to do whatever they want, wherever they want, and be comfortable with it - while the other 99.7% are forced to deal with it and be UNcomfortable, thanks to political correctness. Yeah, that makes sense. Not.

Where does it end? WHEN does it end?

By the way, you can't call it a boycott - it contains the word "boy" and that's gender specific - and politically incorrect.