Forced to upgrade Windows 10

Shame on Microsoft.

Microsoft is FORCING people to upgrade to Windows 10??? Yes. Microsoft, you FORCED me to upgrade, from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, without my permission, without my seeing or signing ANY agreement before you did it. You took over my computer, without my permission, and installed a completely new operating system on it. You did not ask me or warn me, you just did it. How dare you!

Today, Wednesday, May 18, 2016, at 6:30 AM, I turned on my computer and started my day. I had things to do online: check my emails, read the news, update my blogs, check to see if I won the lottery. I am checking my emails when, suddenly, my computer begins to restart, right in the middle of what I was doing. No warning, no nothing. Luckily, I was not doing banking or anything critical online. I see a message on my screen that says my computer is "upgrading". Upgrading? Upgrading to what? I didn't agree to upgrade anything. My computer was FORCING me to upgrade, from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10! I don't want Windows 10, I was happy with Windows 8.1. I could not stop the forced upgrade. And I could not use my computer while it was upgrading, thus not only was Microsoft FORCING me to install their new operating system on my computer, they were keeping me from my work. I sat there fuming, watching the forced installation of a product I do not want.

Microsoft took over my computer and, for the hour it took for it to AUTOMATICALLY and FORCIBLY upgrade me to a completely new operating system (Windows 10), without my permission, I could not use my computer. When the upgrade finished my computer restarted and I was looking at the new Windows 10. I did not know what I was looking at. Everything had changed!!! Everything was different. I did not know where anything was or how to access all the things I usually use. I was lost. I could not use Windows 10. I could not find out where things were or how to use them. I was dead in the water. I now owned a new $1,000 Lenovo laptop and a operating system I could not use, making my $1,000 computer useless! I was out of business, unable to function in the electronic age. Now what? I was screwed. And really, really, really pissed off.

I phoned Microsoft to see if they could remove the new UNWANTED Windows 10 from my computer and give me back my Windows 8.1. I was put on hold for 30 minutes. Really? Yes. I hung up and called Lenovo, the maker of my laptop. They answered promptly, sympathetically listened to my problem, and informed me that they could help me, at an additional charge of $129. Excuse me? I paid $1,000 for their laptop, which was still under warranty, and they wanted to charge me $129 to help me fix a huge problem on my new Lenovo laptop? I told them "No thanks" and said, "By the way, as a result of this forced upgrade by Microsoft I am never buying another Windows-based product. That includes Lenovo computers." I am now going to boycott and badmouth Microsoft and in the future I will be switching to Apple!" Right now, however, I do not want to spend another $1,000 for an iLaptop nor do I want to learn yet another unfamiliar operating system, (IOS). For the time being, I will have to limp along with Windows 10. And increase the dosage of my blood pressure medication.

I am too old for this. I am too old and too tired to learn a totally new operating system, Windows 10. I was just fine with Windows 8.1. This forced upgrade was not an update it was a forced installation of a totally new operating system, without my permission or agreement. Now, as a result, I can't do the things I want to do on my computer and I am stuck with a new operating system I don't know how to use - and which does not allow me to do the things I need and want to do. What do I do now? I have no idea, I'm too busy being outraged to think about it. As for Microsoft FORCING us users to install their new operating system, I have a few choice words about that: I never agreed to upgrade. I did not WANT to upgrade. I do not want the Windows 10 operating system and can't use it.


1. The next day, I tried to use the Windows 10 new browser, Edge. Guess what? It is does not allow extensions and thus is INCOMPATIBLE with my already purchased, installed and activated Norton Antivirus program, a program which protects my computer from viruses and which I also use to store all my passwords so when I am online I can automatically log in to the many websites I visit. There is no way to move my hundred saved passwords to the Windows 10 browser, Edge! So now, with my new frickin operating system, Windows 10, I can't even use it's frickin browser!!! AND, Windows 10 will NOT allow me to make Chrome my default browser, either. Hey, Microsoft, is it MY computer or YOURS???

2. AND, in trying to use the Windows 10 built-in email app, I discovered there is no way to import my existing contacts from my normal online email accounts, AOL and Yahoo. So I can't even use the Windows 10 email app to compose and send emails to any of my existing contacts - because I can't access their email addresses via this stupid built-in Windows 10 email app!

3. I go out every night. I often take my computer with me. After I was forcibly upgraded I noticed that, when I take my computer with me at night, I get only about 4 hours usage on a charge. Before Windows 10 I consistently got over 5 hours on a charge. Windows 10 is a battery hog! Now, thanks to Windows 10, I have to come home early, or take my bulky heavy charger with me, or leave my computer at home. Windows 10 has adversely affected my social life!

4. The Forced Upgrade wiped out my old calendar and installed a new blank calendar. Where are all the appointments, past, present and future, that I had entered on my computer's calendar? Gone. Birthdays, doctor's appointments, ALL my appointments, all gone, with no way to sync or restore them.

5. Can't opt-out of Microsoft emails. Today, I got an email from Microsoft all about how to use Windows 10. It was, obviously to me, an unwanted email. I wished to unsubscribe from ALL Microsoft emails and, after scouring the internet and my computer for 30 minutes, I could NOT find out to unsubscribe from Microsoft emails. First they inflicted us with forced upgrades. Now they force us to get their emails?

6. Three weeks later, my wifi icon suddenly stopped showing up in my desktop toolbar. I had a wifi connection but no wifi icon. As I have several wifi providers I wanted my wifi icon to appear so I could check for the best connection. My wifi icon has ALWAYS appeared on my toolbar. Suddenly, it was gone. I spent 20 minutes online trying to find out how to put my wifi icon back where it belonged. After wading through dozens of technically complicated possible solutions, I finally found the answer. It turns out that Windows 10 decided, on its own, to disappear my wifi icon from my toolbar. I had to reset one of the notification buttons and when I did, voila, my wifi icon once again appeared where I wanted it to appear. The question is: why did Microsoft arbitrarily and annoyingly decide to suddenly stop showing this important icon, an icon which I had previously selected to show?

7. And the Windows 10 Siri-like app, Cortana, is a little weird. I verbally asked it, "Can you have a two-way conversation?" She responded, "That's not on my list of skills but I can give you the height of the Empire State Building." Really?

And so, after being FORCED to install this completely new operating system, I ask, "Windows 10 is an improvement, how?"

Thanks, Microsoft, in forcing me to upgrade to Windows 10 you made me - and my new $1,000 laptop - worthless and useless. For creating the poorly functioning new operating system, Windows 10 - and then forcing people to install it - you, Microsoft, should give yourself a grade of "F". In other words, Microsoft, go f yourself.