show 'em the rope

The surviving terrorist of the deadly recent Paris attack was apprehended and he promised to talk to authorities and possibly provide very valuable information about the attack. When he subsequently got a lawyer he changed his mind and decided not to talk to authorities.

Here's what we should do when violent criminals are apprehended and taken into custody ...

Show 'em the rope.

Interrogators should walk into the room, show them a noose and give violent criminals a choice: "Talk or get the rope." That's right. If he doesn't want to talk take him out and hang him. If he refuses to provide information he's worthless to law enforcement. Why should we keep him alive if he's worthless? If he refuses to talk and is worthless, take him out and hang him. Give him a choice. Show 'em the rope. If he won't talk, take him out and hang him ASAP. All you need is a rope and a tree. And we can televise it, too, as a message to other violent criminals.

The new death penalty: immediate hanging. It's inexpensive, it's fast and it works.

This is a good idea for any violent crimes when the perpetrator is apprehended. Give them a choice. In custody, if they refuse to talk, show 'em the rope! Talk or die. No long trials, no long prison term, no repeat offenders. Show 'em the rope.

Yes, I know you can't do that. Yes, I know alleged criminals have rights and we can't just catch them, give them a quick trial and, if found guilty, take 'em out and hang them, like they did in the Old West. Wouldn't it be nice if we could?