Orlando: Gay terrorist and ISIS follower

(An ISIS follower shot up an Orlando gay nightclub, killing 50 people and injuring many others. My heartfelt condolences to the friends and family members of the victims of this horrible terrorism and hate crime)

We need to stop terrorism. We need to stop ISIS.

Here's an idea. Let's start by calling radical Islamic terrorists gay. Let's embarrass and eradicate the terrorist bastards! Let's start by using social media. Tens of thousands of social media headlines could scream:

ISIS Is Gay!
"Yes, the Orlando terrorist was gay. He was a follower of ISIS. ISIS took credit for the Orlando terrorism. That raises the question: is ISIS gay? Are the members of ISIS, and other radical religious terrorist groups, actually gay?

Is the proven homophobia of radical Islamic terrorist groups a cover up for them being gay, for having gay feelings? Are the anti-gay terrorists really gay?

So ISIS is now accepting gay recruits and followers? Apparently. Will ISIS be welcoming more gays as members and followers? Apparently. What if you're not gay and want to join or follow ISIS? As a member or follower of ISIS will you also have to accept and embrace the gay members? It certainly looks like it.

By its own actions, ISIS is welcoming and supporting gay followers. ISIS is gay! Radical Islamic terrorist organizations are gay!"

Remember, it's propaganda, to destroy ISIS. News stories, blogs, social media and word-of-mouth like the above ought to totally dry up ISIS recruitment in about a month. ISIS will be humiliated and discredited worldwide. No more will any young heterosexual male Muslims be radicalized and want to join or follow ISIS, because ISIS will be perceived by them as welcoming and supporting gays.

Without new recruits and new followers ISIS will quickly deteriorate and disappear. ISIS terrorism will be ended, once and for all.

Problem solved.

Isis is gay! Get the word out! Make America, and the LBGT community, safe. Fight back. Attack ISIS, with propaganda!

NEWSFLASH: The 7 Bangladesh terrorists were gay. And ISIS claimed credit for that terrorist attack on the cafe there. So, ISIS is still welcoming and supporting gays.

NEWSFLASH: July 3, 2016 - (CNN) At least 125 people were killed and 147 others were wounded Saturday in central Baghdad, police said.A suicide truck bomber carried out the attack on a busy commercial street. The blast killed 25 children.

The truck bomber was a gay terrorist! ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement posted on Twitter, thus ISIS continues to support homosexuality.

EVERY Islamic male terrorist, from now on, will be reported as gay. Pass it on!

Not being gay, I realize that my idea may be politically insensitive. I apologize if that is the case, I am just trying to help defeat terrorism in America, and the "ISIS is gay" idea CAN work.