Queen Hillary

Her Highness Hillary

Hillary Clinton, not satisfied with being the Democratic nominee for President of the United States, has played the ultimate Woman Card and, with the encouragement of her extreme liberal Democrat supporters, has elevated herself to Queen. She will ignore the Constitution, circumvent the election process, and hold her coronation immediately.

As self-coronated Queen, with the support of the current ruler in the White House, she plans to shortly replace the Presidential desk chair in the Oval Office with a throne. And plans to hook up her Royal Pen and Phone to her own private server. And doing anything else she feels like doing, irrespective of any existing laws. She will be "Queen for life" and will pardon herself for any wrongdoing in the past, present or future.

According to inside sources, she shall be heretofore referred to as: "Your Highness, Hillary". Bowing in her presence will be mandatory.

We, the people, will continue to be thought of as mere pawns and peons and treated as such.