shut up Jesse Williams

Grey's Anatomy star, Jesse Williams, won an award at the BET Awards show in 2016. he took the opportunity to speak against "whitey" and racist America.

Is he a racist? And a hypocrite? You decide ...


Jesse Williams net worth is $145 Million. He is the professional Hollywood actor who born in Chicago.

Full Name: Jesse Williams
Jesse Williams net worth: (USD) $145,000,000

Yearly Money: $17,575,000

Earnings per movie/TV

The Butler $12,083,333

The Cabin in the Woods $9,062,500

Brooklyn’s Finest $8,529,412

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 $7,435,897

Grey’s Anatomy(TV Show) $6,304,348

Wow! Imagine that, a black man, the product of a bi-racial marriage, who works in lily white Hollywood, earns millions of dollars a year as an actor, is treated like royalty, and then vehemently complains about racism and racial inequality in America. Onstage at the BET Awards he chose to be an anti-white, anti-American activist and reverse racist, instead of being a positive role model and taking the opportunity to maybe speak about how he became super successful - through education and hard work and maybe even good parenting. He missed a golden opportunity to be inspirational instead of confrontational. Hmm. Maybe he should have kept his mouth shut.