simple solutions

I live in a large apartment complex in Los Angeles. The owner/manager of the property has historically employed a simple solution to occurring problems. They removed the problem.

Inside the property's clubhouse, the Activities Room in the property's clubhouse once-upon-a-time featured pool tables. When the pool room started attracting young male tenants who often got drunk and turned violent, management removed the pool tables and turned the pool hall into a conference room for rental to outside non-tenant groups. When young underage tenants started using other activity rooms as nightly unsupervised meeting places, jumping on the furniture, breaking mirrors, making too much noise and disturbing other tenants using the clubhouse, management announced they were closing and locking the activity rooms and adult tenants had to sign up in advance to use the rooms.

On another matter, management decided that too many tenants were locking themselves out of their apartment (the electronic door closed and locked automatically when leaving and tenants forgot to take their electronic key when they went to the trash room or laundry room, thus locking themselves out). To solve the problem, management changed all the 1,000+ locks in the apartment complex to a simple key system - making it more difficult and inconvenient for tenants to enter and leave their apartment - but solving the problem of lockouts. Now, if you lock yourself out, management also charges you $75 to make you a new key.

These "remove the problem" solutions may not benefit the tenants but it certainly solved the existing problems. And, no, as a tenant I am not in favor of having things taken away, or changed for the worse. But I don't own or control the place, I just live here and, unfortunately, if I disagree with the rules, or don't follow the rules, I will have to leave and go live elsewhere.

Simple solutions, by those in power. If something is a problem, remove it.

Racial discord
Could this be applied to racial discord in America? Using the "remove it solution", if black communities in America have such a big problem with the police, the Simple Solution is to simply remove the police presence from black neighborhoods. There would be no more problems with police in black communities - because there would be no police in black communities. Problem solved. Of course, without any police, crime would likely skyrocket in those communities, making black communities even less safe and more crime-ridden. But the perceived racist police problem and police brutality against blacks in black communities would immediately cease to exist. Hey, no cops, no police racism!

(Yeah, I know it's dumb, but it does work).