Happy Anniversary, Microsoft. You suck!

Microsoft Rapes Consumers
August 19, 2016

the new ugly Windows 10 lockscreen

In August 2016, I was forced to receive the Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Yes, I was FORCED to receive the update. When I turned off my computer the Anniversary Update automatically installed itself on my laptop. It took like 30 minutes to install. And it made changes to my computer I did not want to make.

When I turned my computer on this morning I was shocked and confused to see an ugly bunch of trees staring back at me. Yes, the above lockscreen is what I saw. My "new" lockscreen. And it was unexpected. And u-g-l-y. No, I didn't choose it and no, I hadn't changed my lockscreen to show this image, it was just there. The first thing I saw when I turned on my computer today was an image of a bunch of ugly orange-tinged trees. Ugh. I did not choose the image. I would not have chosen it - ever. Microsoft chose it. And forced me to use it. They changed the look of my computer, without my permission. Microsoft strikes again! First, they forced millions of us to upgrade to Windows 10. Now, with their Anniversary Update, they forcechanged a new lockscreen image - WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION!!!

Microsoft is now a lot like our government: unresponsive, arrogant, and forcing people to accept stupid bad ideas (and ugly screen images) - while completely ignoring and dismissing we, the people who pay.
Happy Anniversary, Microsoft. You suck! If you keep forcing sh-t like this on me the next laptop I buy will be an Apple. Or a Chromebook. We consumers in America (and elsewhere in the world) have choices and, beyond Microsoft, those choices do not include being forced to have an ugly image on our lockscreen - and/or being forced to change it back to the screen we had before (which I did).

Microsoft, stop forcing yourself on users and penetrating their devices without permission. That's called consumer rape.

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