Microsoft sucks again!

It never loads, it just sits there spinning

So I got a Microsoft Windows 10 update (KB318), an update that didn't download. For 3 hours the download was stuck at 45%. I searched online for a fix. The fix was too complicated for a non professional non-geek (me). I phoned Microsoft tech support and, after being on hold for 15 minutes, I finally got a live person - in India. It was difficult to understand his heavily accented English. He told me that perhaps the problem was that the servers were very busy due to everyone downloading the update. Like it's OUR fault! I responded, "Get more servers."

The tech took control of my computer remotely and, one-and-a-half hours later, the update was finally downloaded (manually, by him) and was finally installed on my computer. Exhausted and annoyed, I thanked Microsoft for wasting 1.5 hours of my time and hung up, finally able to start my day online.

Why doesn't stuff work like it's supposed to? Why does this happen? Why does this happen all too often? A Windows 10 update that gets stuck and doesn't download? WHY? WHY should we non-technical, non-geek consumers have to suffer the lost time and frustration of things that don't work? Why is the tech industry incompetent - and arrogant about being incompetent? WHY don't they make stuff that works, WHY don't they launch products that work properly in the first place? WHY are there annoying bugs in practically every electronic device product we buy? WHY should we non-geek consumers be forced to become technologically savvy, become tech engineers? I am not handy. I don't fix my own car, why should I have to fix my electronic devices, especially n-e-w electronic devices? Especially new electronic devices that don't work right when launched. Or updates that get stuck and don't download.

As for my update that wouldn't download, it's not MY job to download and install automatic Windows updates, Microsoft, it's YOUR job!

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