Kim and Kanye at home

From the NY Daily News

"Kim Kardashian reportedly complained on her sister Khloe's talk show that she sunk at least $8 million into the Hidden Hills estate, which she purchased with her husband Kanye West in 2014, TMZ reported.

The main reason the reality TV star is losing so much cash is because her hubby can't make up his mind - often telling contractors to rip things out when he's unhappy with how something looks, sources told the gossip site.

The couple purchased the three-acre, $20 million estate in 2014 and it boasts two pools, two spas and a vineyard. The 15,667-square foot estate also features a gourmet kitchen, eight bedrooms, separate his and hers bathrooms for the master suite, a sprawling gym, an indoor movie theater and eight fireplaces, according to the previous listing on"

After two years of renovation, Kim and Kanye have still not moved into their $28 million investment.

Yes, everybody needs to have a huge house, with a vineyard and two pools. Really? One pool is not enough?

Yes, the rich are different from you and me. They have more money. And live by different standards.