Netflix deprives subscribers

When I find a good TV show on Netflix I binge watch it. Usually an episode every night. I have done this with numerous show and prefer the shows that offer multiple seasons. I enjoy my picks and really get into the show, it's characters, dialogue and action. Unfortunately, all too often the show is suddenly gone. It gets pulled. It "expires". And I haven't finished watching all the episodes. This makes me angry. And it makes me feel deprived. I didn't know the show was being dropped, suddenly it is, suddenly one day it is no longer available, suddenly it has "expired". And I feel cheated. This is no way to treat paying subscribers!

Netflix does a good job informing me via email what new offerings they are featuring. They do a bad job by not informing me what offerings they are taking away!

It appears that Netflix has license agreements regarding the TV shows and films it offers. Depending on the license agreement a Netflix offering "expires" on a given date, sometimes after a relatively short run. Upon further investigation I discovered there are monthly Netflix "schedules" on the internet which reveal what shows and films will be added on Netflix and which will be dumped. For January 2017 there are 30 added offerings and 63 expiring offerings. I do not want to have to go to a non-Netflix website and go through a whole month of these additions and subtractions (nearly 100 titles) in order to avoid being suddenly deprived of my current favorite binge worthy show. Netflix should have that function as part of its website and app. That's right, Netflix, give us an easy "add/expire" or "+/-" drop down menu on the top of the Netflix home page which reveals what is being added and subtracted - for the upcoming week. That way, if a TV show we are following is about to expire, we have the option to watch the rest of the remaining episodes before it's suddenly gone. Or maybe put the expiration date on the title with the offering.

But in any event Netflix, tell me - IN ADVANCE - when you are taking away my shows!