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Personalized Post Dedication

Now you can have one of my blog posts dedicated - exclusively - to YOU. Or someone you care about.

Here's how it works
I will feature your name (or someone you designate) in a post on my blog. It will look just like this:

To (designated name)
 (city and country)
You are awesome!

This blog post is dedicated to you. You are being lovingly celebrated for being awesome. You are being honored for being a wonderful person. This dedication will last forever, online and in my heart.

That's how the post will appear. The name you designate will be inserted, followed by the city and country and the above message.

With this new personalized post dedication feature, I will help you honor someone. Celebrate someone. You can dedicate a post to yourself, or someone you care about. The dedicated person can become famous online! Celebrated. Honored. Online. Forever. The dedication will remain on the blog post permanently. And, as soon as I post it, I will email you the link to the post so you'll be able to show your family, friends and co-workers the dedication. You'll be able to send people the link to see it. You can have the blog post dedicated to yourself or someone else - a family member, friend, etc. Celebrate your BFF. Very cool gift! For someone's birthday, anniversary, memorium, or any reason you want to honor or celebrate someone. Awesome!

Lasts forever
Imagine that. Your own personalized blog post dedication. A personalized blog post dedication for yourself or someone you care about. Someone who is awesome. An online personalized dedication. This is a new and exclusive feature I am offering on my blog. The personalized dedication blog post will appear online forever (or as long as google blog hosting exists).

Is this feature free? If not, is it expensive? No and no. A personalized dedication of a post on my blog, lasting forever, only costs $50, one time.

Right now get 50% off!

Take advantage of today's special introductory price! Today's price: only $25 per dedication. Limit: 4 dedication orders per buyer.

Get your personalized dedication now!

Here's how to proceed:
Go to paypal and submit $25 (my paypal account is CoolTools).

After you make payment, in the paypal "note to seller" section write down

1. the name of the person/couple you want to appear in the dedication

2. their city (state optional) and

3. their country

That's it. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3. When I receive the paypal payment, I will put the personal dedication on the above post and publish the post online in the blog. I will then email you the link to the online post. Limit: 1 name (or Mr & Mrs) per dedication.

To get started, and take advantage of today's special introductory price, click on the paypal icon below ....

We reserve the right to refuse any designated person, living or dead.