Los Angeles is number one

Yes, Los Angeles is #1 in the world. In traffic congestion.

The 2016 INRIX Global Traffic Scorecard ranks Los Angeles as number-one when it comes to traffic. INRIX says its traffic study is the largest ever, looking at congestion in 1,064 cities in 38 different countries. L.A. handily claims the top spot with 104 Peak Hours Spent in Congestion. That number (representing hours per year) is derived by applying the average peak-period traffic rate to the average commute time for each city. L.A. also tops the list with the highest INRIX Congestion Index, a metric that looks at congestion rates relative to a city’s size.
I live in Los Angeles. Yeah, it's great to be the #1 city in the world. But not for traffic congestion. Here's a message to the liberal Democrat Mayor of Los Angeles and the liberal Democratic L.A. City Council:

Fix the traffic problem!