why is my internet so slow?

My wireless AT&T DSL internet speed is slow. It's always been slow. I never get more than 5 mbps. It's been that way for over a decade. And they don't EVER upgrade in my area! I don't know why. They don't know why. Maybe they don't give a damn?

Why don't I switch to another, faster internet provider? I can't. The only other internet provider for my address (an upscale zip code in Los Angeles) is Spectrum. Spectrum offers speeds up to 100 mbps for my residence but, due to an unusual billing circumstance, I am not able to get it. So, I am stuck with AT&T's 4-5 mbps slow internet. I am forced to limp along with slow internet speed at home. Or move. I have lived at this residence for decades and do not want to move. Unless I win the lottery. As I use my computer for many hours each day the slow speed sucks. And I am stuck with it. Thank you, AT&T, you suck.

Months later, I found a way to get Spectrum. I had it installed. Now, I get 100+ mbps. Yeah! Zoom! And I canceled AT&T, happily.