Microsoft virus phone scam

I get a lot of scam phone calls from non-English-speaking scammers claiming to be from Microsoft, telling me that I have downloaded stuff from the internet and that, as a result, I have an infected computer. And, of course, he volunteers to fix my infected computer, for a fee. This is a scam. A stupid scam. My computer has no infection or virus, I have expensive tools and apps that prevent that. I am also too smart to be scammed by a fake random unexpected Microsoft phone caller. How do I handle the fake phone call from Microsoft? Do I immediately hang up? No. Here's how I handle it: I act like a crazed collector.

Me: "I have an infected computer? That's great! I LOVE computer viruses and infections. I COLLECT computer viruses! Do you have any that you can sell me? I'll pay you to send me some new viruses."

When he hears that, the scammer is usually speechless. And then, after a few seconds, the phone scammer usually hangs up, very confused. And maybe scared, because he just called a crazy person, a crazy person who collects computer viruses! Yes, I scam the scammer. I have fun doing it. I laugh. The scammer doesn't.

That's what happens when a "Microsoft scammer" calls me. I confuse and scam THEM. They deserve it.