Transgender fish

From TechTimes

"Chemicals found in contraceptives and household products that are flushed down the drains are giving rise to transgender fish in rivers. Researchers said that male river fish now turn into females because of chemicals that pollute the water.

Male Roach Fish Turn Into Females
Charles Tyler, of the University of Exeter in Britain, and colleagues said that the males of the roach fish now display more feminine traits.

Some male river fish were found to have reduced sperm quality, and show less aggressive and competitive behavior which can reduce their odds of breeding successfully. Some fish were even found to be producing eggs, which makes them less able to reproduce.

The researchers found that 20 percent of the freshwater fish at 50 different sites show higher feminine characteristics, and they attribute this to ingredients present in birth control pills and by-products of plastic, cleaning agents and cosmetics."

Really? Transgender FISH? Is this for real, or fake news perpetrated by liberal LGBTQ sympathizers?

Transgender fish, caused by man-made chemicals in the water. Kind of reminds me of global warming, also mainly blamed on man-made chemicals. And breathing. By the way, we can no longer use the term "man-made" as it's not politically correct, and excludes women (and other genders). Maybe "human-made"? But that excludes other animals.

In any event, now we have transgender fish. What about political correctness for transgender fish? Do we have to give transgender river fish their own separate river? Or force them to swim with the male and female fishes? Or let them swim wherever they want?

The world keeps getting more complicated.