I am safe at night. Are you?

I walk at night. I walk at night for exercise. It can be dangerous. It can be dangerous, depending on where you go, and what you wear. If you walk, run or cycle, or walk your dog at night, and wear dark clothing, you cannot easily be seen by motorists. If motorists can't/don't see you, they can run into you and injury you. Or kill you.

When I decided to walk during the evening, when it was dark outside, I did not have any white or light colored clothing to wear. I realized that this could be dangerous, as there was vehicle traffic where I walked. I was concerned. While walking, I did not wish to be struck, or killed, by a motorist who didn't see me. What to do? I decided to buy a reflective armband. And put it on when I walked at night. I went online and, after an hour of searching, found an inexpensive armband that attached with velcro and looked to be brightly reflective. I bought it. I wore it. It worked. Motorists could now see me at night, in the dark, brightly reflected in their headlights. I felt safer. I WAS safer.
The above reflective armband is what I bought online. It was less than $5. The website I bought it on has lots of reflective stuff. If you live in the U.S. - and want to buy and wear something reflective - go to Dont Get Hit.com. They are in New Jersey. I am not affiliated with them.

Was buying a reflective thingy a good idea? The other evening I went for a walk and then drove to the supermarket, with my reflective armband still attached to my left arm. As I was checking out, the cashier noticed my armband and asked me where I got it from. She said that she walks home from work at night and would feel, and be, much safer if she wore a reflective armband because vehicles could easily see her. I told her where I got mine. Maybe I saved her life.

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If you are walking, running, bicycling or walking your dog at night etc, near traffic, please wear something reflective!!! Find something reflective that you like -- and buy it! And, if you know someone who walks, runs, bikes etc at night near traffic (son, daughter, niece, nephew, brother, sister, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, friend) please urge them to wear something reflective! Or, better yet, buy them something reflective and give it to them. Or, even better, buy a number of reflective items and give them to everybody you care about who should wear one!

I am trying to save lives. Mine. And yours. And the lives of your family and friends. And everyone who walks, runs, or bikes at night. Be smart, be seen!