No Drug Disposal

This morning I had a thought, I should get rid of my many old prescription medications and pill bottles. I have kitchen cabinets full of them, having not thrown them out for decades.

Hmm, how to throw them away?

I had heard of official local disposal facilities for prescription drugs. Yes, I would look them up and take my prescription drugs to one of those places for disposal. I looked up prescription drug disposal places near me (in Los Angeles, near Burbank). There weren't any. Not one facility anywhere close to me. The nearest one was like 30 miles away! Well, that isn't going to work. I'm not driving 60 miles just to dispose of my old prescription medications.

Next, I looked up other suggested ways to dispose of old drugs. One suggested way was to flush them (certain prescription drugs) down the toilet. I did not want to do that, as the drugs would end up in the nearby Pacific Ocean and might medicate/kill the local sea life.

Another suggested way to dispose of old, expired, or no longer used medications was to throw them in the trash. Throw them away. Except they would then end up in the landfill and maybe medicate/kill the birds and wildlife feeding on the landfill trash. I did not want that to happen either.

So, what did I do?

Nothing. I did not dispose of my old prescription drugs. I left the damn things where they were, in the kitchen cabinets. Let them stay there for another two decades.