Amazon stealth delivery

I bought something on amazon. A new laundry bag. I bought it on a Friday and it was delivered to my residence on Sunday. Quite fast. On Sunday morning, I opened my door to go out and, viola, there it was, a package from amazon sitting on the floor outside my door. Huh. I never heard amazon deliver the package. I was home all night and all morning. The delivery person never knocked on my door. I did not get an email notification that the package had been delivered. It was a secret amazon delivery, a "stealth delivery". The package was delivered and was sitting in the hallway outside my door, waiting for me - or a thief (aka porch pirate).

I live in a large complex in Los Angeles. There are over 1,100 units here. Leaving anything of value on the floor outside a residence - for hours or days - is probably not a good idea. Luckily, I happened to find my amazon package soon after it was delivered to the hallway outside my door.

Does amazon deliver packages this way to houses also? Do millions of people leave their home, are gone all day, and come home in the evening to find an amazon package sitting on their front porch? Or stolen?

I understand why the amazon delivery person dumps packages outside the door and doesn't even bother to knock and wait while the resident (or no one) comes to the door to personally accept the package. Stealth delivery is faster. It's more efficient. By quickly dumping off the package outside a residence, with no notification, the delivery person gets to finish their work more quickly and go home earlier. However, we amazon buyers PAY for shipping, one way or the other, and want to have our amazon packages delivered to our residence as they should be, personally, not delivered in stealth mode.

Dear Amazon,

We appreciate the convenience and fast shipping and good customer service when shopping online at However, you are putting our patience - and our pockets - at risk with your stealth delivery.


Amazon buyers in residences worldwide