my swimming pool

No, it's not "my" pool. It's the swimming pool in the community where I live. The clubhouse and pool were recently renovated - and this is what the pool area looks like now. Brand new. Modern, luxurious, gorgeous. It also has numerous large screen outdoor TVs, perfect for sporting events, etc. And barbecue grills. And an outdoor gym. And deer.

Welcome to where I live. In L.A. In the Hollywood Hills. Where I live is like a rural, natural landscape hilly area - a scenic setting with lots of trees, grass, plants, flowers, birds and animals - located in the middle of a huge sprawling city of 12 million people. Am I glad I live in this community? Yes! Am I grateful I live here? Yes!

Sorry, the pool is not open to the public, it's available only to residents and guests. And deer.