Ode to Notre Dame

As an American I am sad about the fire and damage re The Cathedral of Notre Dame. I was there. As a young man, I stood on the banks of the Seine, and saw it, Notre Dame, and was awed by it's beauty and magnificence, as the world has done for 800 years. 

Notre Dame was truly spectacular, an iconic Parisian monument and a major wonder of the world.

I saw it during the same magical visit to Europe when I also saw the Mona Lisa, the original, in the Louve.

The wonderful trip included London, Paris, Rome, Vienna and Copenhagen. And I had a beer in an 800-year-old pub in Birmingham, England. And, in Rome, walked on a 2,000-year-old cobblestone road, the famous Appian Way.

I am a lucky lucky grateful guy. With many many priceless memories.

And I put many of those memories into my book: