stupid seam

My scrotum hurts. From sitting. And from my stupid jeans, which shrunk from washing. And from the stupid junction inside the bottom of my pants where all the seams come together and form a raised knot, right where my testicles hang. As a result, sitting causes more pressure and more pain. And, no, I have not gained weight in my testicles. And, yes, I put added padding on the chair seat area. It didn't solve the problem. No, I haven't gone to the doctor, I don't think it's a medical issue, I think it's a "pants" issue.

Yes, I can take off my pants when I'm at home but I have to wear pants when I go out in public. Or not. No, the waist is not too tight. A larger size will not solve the problem because the REAL problem is that the pants manufacturers are probably making shorter "rise" pants. And, yes, all my pants cause the problem, even the brand new pair I just bought. The "rise" is the distance between the crotch and the waist. Over the years the rise seems to have gotten shorter, irritating and/or squeezing the balls of men everywhere. Plus, pants are often made with less quality material and workmanship (or machines), in foreign countries, with bigger rougher irritating crotch seams. I have always worn "full rise" pants and underwear and do not wish to wear low slung pants; I would be afraid they would fall down, embarrassing me and causing me to trip and fall down.

I could start wearing skirts. Or kilts. I'd rather not but if the pain continues I may have to consider doing that.

For comfort reasons, I could get my pants custom made, with more length in the crotch and a smoother seam junction. That would probably cost like $500 for a pair of pants and I don't want to pay that.

I could start staying home, not wearing pants, and not go out in public anymore. Not such a great solution, I'd get lonely and depressed.

I could stop sitting. But that makes writing my blog and my books very difficult.

I could get castrated. No doubt that would solve the problem but would create new, and worse, problems.

So far, I have no good, comfortable, socially acceptable solution. I will keep working on it. Excuse me, I have to stand up now. And take off my pants. Luckily, I work at home.