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Tech Warning

I was not overly paranoid about technology, until today. Now, I am concerned, scared and outraged. Why? Here's why

I turned on my laptop today and saw a new icon on my taskbar. It was the amazon icon. I opened it and it was the Amazon Assistant. Huh? What was the Amazon Assistant? I had never seen or heard of it before and did not know what it was. I googled it and found out that it was an amazon app. "The Amazon Assistant is a free suite of software applications available for select browsers and operating systems that comes with features to help you compare products and prices while searching and shopping online." I did not want it, and worse, did not give permission for it to install on my device! The app installed itself on my laptop!!! WHAT??? A legitimate app can't do that, a legit app has to get your permission and acceptance before it installs itself. This app didn't. Where did the app come from? Who installed the Amazon Assistant app on my computer?

I was outraged. And scared. Technology had taken over my device, without my permission, and installed an amazon app. Not possible? Now it is. It happened. No, I had not visited any bogus websites or opened any bogus emails. And, no, I have not gotten any updates recently.

I decided to contact amazon and find out how this incredible and totally unacceptable invasion of privacy took place. I contacted amazon via chat and this is what transpired:

"Hello, my name is Sasi. I'm here to help you today. How may I help you?

Me: Amazon Assistant app was installed on my laptop yesterday/last night without my permission

Sasi:I'm sorry to hear about the issue you have with the Amazon Assistant app. Please give me a moment.

Thanks for waiting, Andrew. Just to be sure, do you wan to uninstall the app?

Me: Installing an app on someone's device - without their permission - is a HUGE issue

Sasi:I can understand your concern, Andrew.

Me: how DARE amazon do that! I have been a loyal customer for many years. Now, amazon invades my privacy and takes over my computer?!

Sasi:I apologize for any inconvenience, Andrew. Let me transfer this chat to the concern team. I'll take only a few moment.

Sandy:Hello, my name is Sandy. I'm sorry for the multiple transfers. Please allow me a moment while I review your previous chat correspondence to assist you in a much better way.

Me: Just so I understand, the Amazon Assistant app was installed on my device without permission?

Sandy:Thank you for staying connected. Andrew, there is no option for us to install any app over customers device. Please check with your family members someone might have accessed your PC.

Me: Nobody else uses my laptop. Ever.

Sandy:As the app needs to be installed manually, there is no way for us to access or install the app on anyone's device.

Me: the app was not installed manually, not by me or anyone else. This is a BIG problem

Sandy:Andrew, have you accessed any website where it requires to install any app on your PC.

Me: Is there a third party that could have installed the app?

Sandy:There could be, if you accessed any website where it states you need to install this app or this app will be installed automatically.

Me: I have installed no new apps. I would have been aware of any website that required downloading/installing an app. Is it possible that Chrome (google) installed the app?

Sandy:Andrew, until and unless someone clicked on the option to install, the app doesn't get installed not only amazon assistant any app. It needs to be installed manually.

Me:Apparently not. This app was installed without my permission, without me clicking on any option.

Me: Apparently not. This app was installed without my permission, without me clicking on any option.

Sandy:Then this needs to be reported to our technical department and I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused to you. Please update your passwords to be on a safer side if anyone has remote access to your PC.

Me: I believe that amazon would by the only party to benefit from having this app on a device, I am holding amazon responsible.

Sandy:Andrew, as I have mentioned we don't get an option to install apps on customers PC. If it's a fire tablet or ereader, it'll might be installed if there's any new update rolled out, other than that we never access customers devices.

Me: btw, I have uninstalled the app. I still have the amazon app on my device and have had it for a long time. It's a Windows 10 Lenovo laptop with Chrome browser

Sandy:Thank you for providing the device details. I'll update my resources about this issue. Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

Me: No. Thank you. Bye.

Amazon denied their Amazon Assistant app could have been installed without my permission. Yet it was. Could google Chrome have done it? No doubt they would deny it too. Could Microsoft have done it? No doubt they would deny it too. How about Facebook? No doubt they would deny it. No doubt EVERYBODY would deny it. However, somebody installed the Amazon Assistant app on my electronic device -- and it wasn't me! And no one else had access to or used my device.

The invasion of your device without your knowledge or permission and installing a legitimate app is scary. Really scary. And outrageous. SOMEBODY installed the Amazon Assistant app on my device without my knowledge or permission. Now, I am paranoid, about ALL technology. With good reason.

Beware of technology, it can take over our lives. If it hasn't already.

Girl Scout cookies

The Girl Scouts have been selling cookies outside my local supermarket. I noticed that it was not easy or comfortable for them. Sales is not easy. I decided to help them. There were 2 girl scouts standing there selling cookies. They were about 11-years-old. I asked the moms of the 2 girl scouts if I could show the girls how to sell more cookies. They were delighted and said Yes. I addressed the 2 girls and told them, "Be more enthusiastic. Use over-the-top enthusiasm. You will sell more cookies. In fact, you will probably outsell all the other Girl Scouts." I told them to look at the incoming shoppers and, with lots of honest enthusiasm, loudly say, "HI! Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?!" I demonstrated. The moms laughed. The girls did not, they were busy paying attention. They were getting their minds around the new and improved method of selling their cookies.

I showed them how to do it again. I verbally addressed some incoming shoppers with an over-the-top enthusiastic, "HI! Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?!". Several shoppers stopped and considered buying some cookies. The girls saw that the over-the-top honest enthusiasm worked, and even worked for a non-girl-scout old guy.

I walked away happily. I had helped some youngsters. I had taught the 2 young girls a priceless secret of life. A lifelong secret of success. Enthusiasm. Honest enthusiasm. Honest enthusiasm is infectious. It invites and involves others. It uplifts people. It uplifts the person being enthusiastic. And it influences others in a positive way. People naturally respond to enthusiasm.

Whoever you are, you will sell more stuff, a lot more stuff, including yourself - and also attract other "good stuff" - when you are honestly enthusiastic.

Be honestly enthusiastic! Generate MORE enthusiasm! And reap the benefits every day - for the rest of your life!

Drink and live longer

From US New and World Report

The 90+ Study, started in 2003, focuses on the fastest growing age group in America – the "oldest-old" – to determine what habits lead to quantity and quality of life, according to its website. This year, researchers at the Clinic for Aging Research and Education in Laguna Woods, California, focused on what food, activities and lifestyles are commonly featured among those living longer.

Analyzing more than 1,600 nonagenarians, the study results showed that people who drank two glasses of beer or wine a day improved their odds of living longer than those who abstained by about 18 percent.

“I have no explanation for it, but I do firmly believe that modest drinking improves longevity,” Dr. Claudia Kawas, a neurology specialist and head of the 90+ Study at the University of California, said in her keynote address.

Exercising regularly and partaking in a hobby for two hours a day were also associated with longer lives. Surprisingly, people who were overweight, but not obese, in their 70s lived longer than normal or underweight people did.

Huh. Imagine that. Maybe I'll start drinking and buy some booze today. If I drink the whole bottle, and do that every day, will I live longer ... or be arrested for driving under the influence?

Plus, as I am not overweight, I'll have to eat more junk food - for my health.

Welcome to Hollywood

I looked out my window and saw a bunch of trucks full of movie equipment going by. I went outside on my balcony and this is what I saw

Apparently, they were going to shoot a TV show or a movie next door and were using the parking lot and other areas. Yes, this happens often in Los Angeles. Welcome to Hollywood!

I do not know what TV show or movie they are shooting. However, whichever it is, filming usually messes up local traffic and parking. I expect that to happen here, for as long as they are shooting in the vicinity. However, it's exciting and maybe I'll see or meet some Hollywood movie stars. Maybe the director will ask me to be in the show. And pay me. Or, maybe I'll get a free meal from the always excellent catering service. Or, maybe I'll just be inconvenienced, day and night, until they leave.

Or maybe they're shooting a porn movie and I'll get to see, or meet, the female star(s). Oh, yeah! Welcome to Hollywood!

No Jacket January

In Los Angeles, it's the end of January. Today it was 73 degrees and sunny. At the end of January. I went outside during the day without a jacket. It felt good.

In Paris, it was 41 degrees F.

In Moscow, it was 21 degrees F.

In those places, and in most other places around the world, in late January you need a warm winter jacket. And gloves.

And, incredibly, tomorrow, in L.A. it will be 84 degrees. And sunny. And the next day it will be 85 degrees.

No jacket January. That's why I live here!

UPDATE: On Super Bowl Sunday (Feb 4, 2018) the forecasted temperature, at kickoff, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is 3 degrees F. In Los Angeles, at kickoff time, it will be 80 degrees. Final Weather Super Bowl score: Los Angeles: 80, Minneapolis: 3.

Marijuana Malls

Shopping malls are dead. According to the Wall St Journal: "Just when you think you have a handle on the brick-and-mortar retail crisis, the prognosis gets worse. More than 8,600 stores will close their doors in 2017, according to Credit Suisse analysts—a number that exceeds store closures during 2008, when America was in recession. One quarter of all shopping malls are expected to shutter in the next five years, according to the same report.

This downward spiral has severe economic implications, although some are less apocalyptic than they seem at first. In fact, there’s some evidence that automation and e-commerce actually create more—and better-paying—jobs than they destroy.

But there’s one issue that no one has figured out how to solve: what to do with all those vacant stores. "

I have. I have figured out how to solve it. What to do with all those vacant stores and dead shopping malls? Turn them into "marijuana malls". Recreational marijuana is now legal in many states. The rest of the states will no doubt follow. If the dying and dead shopping malls are turned into marijuana malls, people can go there and buy weed and socialize, while getting stoned and feeding their munchies.

Stores in a marijuana mall might also include tattoo parlors, health food stores, a gym, a Virtual Reality arcade and, of course, an iPhone store.

Mall problem solved. Convert the dying and dead malls into marijuana malls: the evolution of brick-and-mortar mall stores. A cardinal rule of business? Give people what they want. And younger people don't want more "stuff", they want more experiences. And more weed.

Simple and Stupid

Once upon a time, I went to college. I was taking an economics course and having a difficult time understanding the stuff. In the economics course, the textbook used many unknown terms and language that I not only did not understand but, when I looked up the definition of something, I could not understand that either.

I realized that economists were using their own language, a difficult language, so that normal people would not be able to understand the subject matter. Why? To make themselves elite, to make themselves more money. And to make it difficult for me (and everyone else) to learn.

For weeks I was frustrated at not being able to learn economics. And fearful of failing the course. One evening, as I was struggling with my economics homework, I looked up to the heavens and cried, "Why is this stuff so complicated??? Why didn't they explain economic theories by using "apples and oranges" instead of complicated math and language formulas??? Suddenly, I light bulb went off in my head. Apples and oranges? OK, let's see if that works. I applied simple apples and orange examples to economic formulae. It works. Instead of the economic language used to explain the "Multiplier Effect" I made it into, "If you cut an apple into four parts and those four parts were cut into four more parts, etc. that's the Multiplier Effect." It worked! From that point on, I applied the simple (and stupid) "apples and oranges" concept to economics ... and got an A in the course!

From that point on, when faced with complicated stuff, I try to simplify it -- by applying my "apples and oranges" concept. "apples and oranges" is my own version of the old adage: "keep it simple, stupid". I keep it simple AND stupid. You can too.

Be a jerk

When someone calls you a jerk, tell them this:

"I assume you know that the term 'jerk' is now used as a term of praise and respect. So, thank you for calling me a jerk. And, in return, I just want to say, you're an even bigger jerk."

Yes, I made that up. I thought it was funny. But, then again, maybe I'm a jerk.

No Drug Disposal

This morning I had a thought, I should get rid of my many old prescription medications and pill bottles. I have kitchen cabinets full of them, having not thrown them out for decades.

Hmm, how to throw them away?

I had heard of official local disposal facilities for prescription drugs. Yes, I would look them up and take my prescription drugs to one of those places for disposal. I looked up prescription drug disposal places near me (in Los Angeles, near Burbank). There weren't any. Not one facility anywhere close to me. The nearest one was like 30 miles away! Well, that isn't going to work. I ain't driving 60 miles just to dispose of my old prescription medications.

Next, I looked up other suggested ways to dispose of old drugs. One suggested way was to flush them (certain prescription drugs) down the toilet. I did not want to do that, as the drugs would end up in the nearby Pacific Ocean and might medicate/kill the local sea life.

Another suggested way to dispose of old, expired, or no longer used medications was to throw them in the trash. Throw them away. Except they would then end up in the landfill and maybe medicate/kill the birds and wildlife feeding on the landfill trash. I did not want that to happen either.

So, what did I do?

Nothing. I did not dispose of my old prescription drugs. I left the damn things where they were, in the kitchen cabinets. Let them stay there for another two decades.

Newest t-shirt style trend

I wear t-shirts. I also eat popsicles (sugar free) in the evening. Sometimes, the two are not compatible. Sometimes, the popsicle melts a bit while I am eating it, and popsicle juice drips on my t-shirt. Grape or cherry popsicle juice. It stains. It fades. It shows. I now have several t-shirts with small faded stains on the front. The stains did not come out in the laundry. Now, I am faced with a dilemma.

I can throw away, or give away, my stained t-shirts and buy new ones. Except, the stained t-shirts are older and soft and new t-shirts are not as good. I could experiment with laundry stain removers but it's too much trouble and I am not handy with stuff like that. Or, I could wear the stained t-shirts and have people stare at my stain and think I am unfashionably dirty. None of those choices are acceptable so I came up with an alternative acceptable clothing idea.

I am hereby making a new fashion statement. I am declaring the wearing of stained t-shirts to be fashionable. I am declaring stained t-shirts the new fashion rage. The new fashion trend. The new "cool". Yes, I will now wear my stained t-shirts with pride. "Hey, everybody, look at me, I'm wearing a t-shirt with faded stains on the front and it's cool. I'M cool!" That's better than having to buy new t-shirts. Or giving up my delicious sugar free popsicles.


You have pneumonia.

Pneumonia. An infection of the lungs. A nasty disease. Plus, it's really hard to spell.

I have a better idea.

If you get pneumonia for the first time, it's a new ailment. Why don't we call it/spell it "newmonia", new monia.

If you already had newmonia and get it again, why don't we call it oldmonia? Or remonia?

Judgement Day

Try not to dislike someone until you know them personally. Or see them in action. Try not to discriminate based on race, color, religion, gender or sexual preference. If you do, you might be making a big mistake. Just because someone is different, or acts different, doesn't make them unlikeable. The only thing that really matters is: are they an asshole or not.

Liberals tell us not to judge. Ever. They're wrong. It's human nature to judge or pre-judge. It's in our DNA. It's normal. That doesn't make it a good thing. It makes it something to overcome, to better yourself. Not by passing laws but by a desire to be a better person.

I have learned not to judge a book by its cover. Or, if I do, I try to overcome my initial feelings and give a person a chance. Many many times have I been surprised to find a really strange, very different, highly radical looking person (male, female or whatever) to actually be very nice and very interesting. Surprise! Who knew? The only way to find out is to find out. Say something. Say something like "Hello". See what happens. Sometimes you don't get a response, or get a bad response, and sometimes you have a terrific conversation and make a new friend. I have met wonderful people - with tattoos and blue hair, and terrific gentle people that looked like scruffy scary giants. The real person was there, under their strange and different outer shell. I made an effort, I said hello. Then, I found something interesting to comment on. "I like your hat" or "I like your shoes, where are they?" or "I like your hair color, it's different. It's a rainbow". Then I give them a chance to respond.

If you find out they're an asshole, walk away. If they're not, you may grow to like them. Or even love them. You don't know until you find out. Give everyone a chance.

Try it. It's way cool. And you may often be pleasantly surprised.

How I Quit Smoking - In 1 Day

Yes, after 50 years of smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, I quit. I quit in 1 day.

See how I did it!

Thanksgiving weather

It's November 21, 2017, 2 days before Thanksgiving. In Los Angeles, where I live, it is 86 degrees outside. And, yes, the sun is out. And, yes, I just turned on the air conditioner.

Tomorrow, the day before Thanksgiving, it will be 94 degrees in L.A. And sunny. On Thanksgiving Day, it is forecasted to be 90 degrees here. And sunny.

Other cities' weather for Thanksgiving Day:

In New York City, on Thanksgiving, it is forecasted to be 46 degrees.

In Chicago, on Thanksgiving, it is forecasted to be 7 degrees.

In Fairbanks, Alaska, on Thanksgiving, it is forecasted to be 1 degree.

On Thanksgiving Day, what will I be thankful for? What do you think?

And, on New Year's Day, it was 73 degrees. Brrr.

Near death experience in Los Angeles

deadly metal missile

I had a very close call, a near death experience. Really. Here's what happened

My apartment complex has been undergoing a major renovation. Construction everywhere. Construction vehicles coming and going, heavy equipment, cranes, etc. All day long.

At about 11 AM, on a Monday, I was walking around the parking lot near my building, for exercise. I do that six days a week (I take Sundays off). It was a nice warm sunshiny day. I walked behind my parked car and continued around the parking lot. Suddenly, I heard a crash. Boom! A big heavy metal pipe had flown through the air - towards me. It flew through the air for hundreds of feet - and banged to the ground and bounced - a few feet from where I stood. I was nearly killed! If that metal missile had hit me in the back, chest or head, I would have died instantly. If it had happened 20 seconds earlier, right where and when I had been walking behind my vehicle, I would have been struck and killed!

Needless to say, I was shook up.

I looked up the hill and saw some construction workers coming down to see what happened. When they got close, they were going to pick up the big pipe and bring it back up the hill to where they were working. I told them, "Don't touch it! Leave it right there." I looked back up the hill and saw the top of a crane. It was possible that the metal pipe might have broken off the crane and somehow became a deadly metal airborne missile.

I then went over and looked at my parked car. This is what I saw:

The pipe broke my car!

Shortly, the property manager and the construction manager showed up. When they saw what happened they were both visibly shaken. They realized that I could easily have been killed. Then, I showed them my car. OMG, they couldn't believe a big heavy metal pipe had flown through the air hundreds of feet, smashed into my car, bounced several times and nearly killed me. There were even gouges on the concrete parking lot where the pipe had hit.

How big was the pipe? Big. How heavy was the pipe? Heavy. How close did it come to killing me? Too close.

the guy holding the pipe is well over 6 feet tall

An actual real scary near death experience? A close call? Yes, I wasn't killed - by a matter of seconds. Yes, I escaped death. Yes, I am hugely grateful and hugely thankful to be alive. The moral of the story? Life is precious, live it.

I am safe at night. Are you?

I walk at night. I walk at night for exercise. It can be dangerous. It can be dangerous, depending on where you go, and what you wear. If you walk, run or cycle, or walk your dog at night, and wear dark clothing, you cannot easily be seen by motorists. If motorists can't/don't see you, they can run into you and injury you. Or kill you.

When I decided to walk during the evening, when it was dark outside, I did not have any white or light colored clothing to wear. I realized that this could be dangerous, as there was vehicle traffic where I walked. I was concerned. While walking, I did not wish to be struck, or killed, by a motorist who didn't see me. What to do? I decided to buy a reflective armband. And put it on when I walked at night. I went online and, after an hour of searching, found an inexpensive armband that attached with velcro and looked to be brightly reflective. I bought it. I wore it. It worked. Motorists could now see me at night, in the dark, brightly reflected in their headlights. I felt safer. I WAS safer.
The above reflective armband is what I bought online. It was less than $5. The website I bought it on has lots of reflective stuff. If you live in the U.S. - and want to buy and wear something reflective - go to Dont Get They are in New Jersey. I am not affiliated with them.

Was buying a reflective thingy a good idea? The other evening I went for a walk and then drove to the supermarket, with my reflective armband still attached to my left arm. As I was checking out, the cashier noticed my armband and asked me where I got it from. She said that she walks home from work at night and would feel, and be, much safer if she wore a reflective armband because vehicles could easily see her. I told her where I got mine. Maybe I saved her life.

How about getting a
cool LED safety band?

it can be set for solid red or blinking red!

Play the cool video below to find out more

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I am an affiliate

If you are walking, running, bicycling or walking your dog at night etc, near traffic, please wear something reflective!!! Find something reflective that you like -- and buy it! And, if you know someone who walks, runs, bikes etc at night near traffic (son, daughter, niece, nephew, brother, sister, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, friend) please urge them to wear something reflective! Or, better yet, buy them something reflective and give it to them. Or, even better, buy a number of reflective items and give them to everybody you care about who should wear one!

I am trying to save lives. Mine. And yours. And the lives of your family and friends. And everyone who walks, runs, or bikes at night. Be smart, be seen!

The robots are coming

Actually, they're here. Meet Sophia

From the the BBC: "Meet Sophia, a robot who made her first public appearance in the Saudi Arabian city of Riyadh on Monday, October 23, 2017.

Sophia was such a hit she was given Saudi citizenship in front of hundreds of delegates at the Future Investment Initiative in Riyadh on 25 October."

“I am very honored and proud for this unique distinction. This is historical to be the first robot in the world to be recognized with a citizenship,” Sophia said.

In addition, she stated: "In the future, I hope to do things such as go to school, study, make art, start a business, even have my own home and family ..." She also added, in response to a query from her creator, David Hanson, "OK. I will destroy humans."

Really? A robot gets citizenship? Is legally a person? Says she will destroy humans??? You just witnessed the future. This is absolutely the future - and the future is now - as foretold by science fiction authors in the iconic science fiction books of the 1950's.

The robots are coming. In fact, they're already here.

UPDATE: According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper," Robots will soon help stock shelves at about 50 Walmart stores.

The two-foot tall robots are fitted with cameras to scan aisles and check stock, identifying missing, misplaced, mislabeled and mispriced items. The robots will give that information to employees who will fix the issues."

More Weed More Sex

From CNN
According to a study published in this week's Journal of Sexual Medicine, the more pot you smoke, the more sex you have.

The study looked at data from the US government's National Survey of Family Growth. It asked more than 28,000 women and nearly 23,000 men how often they had sex in the four weeks prior to the survey and how frequently they used marijuana in the past year.

Women who didn't use marijuana reported having sex six times on average during the past four weeks. Women who used marijuana daily had sex 7.1 times on average.

The trend was similar for men. Men who abstained from marijuana said they had sex an average of 5.6 times in the four weeks before the survey, compared with the daily marijuana users who reported having sex 6.9 times, on average.

"We were surprised to see the positive association between users," Dr Eisenberg, author of the study and an assistant professor of urology at the Stanford University Medical Center said. "This was across the board: marital status, race, none of that mattered." The study focused on heterosexual sex, and it didn't explain why there might be a connection between sex and marijuana.

Mystery? There's no mystery. It's simple. Marijuana is known to reduce inhibitions. Less inhibitions, more sex. Also, people who smoke a lot of weed generally may not have much of a life and often may not even have a full time job. They may have little or no responsibilities and little or nothing to do all day. So, they smoke a lot of weed and, out of pure boredom, and something to do, between texting and binge watching on Netflix, they have sex. The more bored they are, the more weed they smoke, and the more sex they have. Some may even have sex WHILE texting, or watching Netflix.

lottery clotheshorse

As I was awaiting the Mega Millions lottery drawing, where I was planning/hoping to win the $123 million jackpot, a thought occurred to me: what would I do with all that money? The answer? Anything I wanted to do! Then, I realized something. If I won $123 million I would not change my current wardrobe. Not needing to get dressed up or wear a suit, I normally wear jeans and a t-shirt. If I won the lottery and became a multi-millionaire, I would still wear the same clothes, and the same style.

I wear $11 jeans from Walmart, $20 shoes from Walmart, and $7 t-shirts, from a local convenience store, amazon, or a cheap local department store. On my head, I wear a cheap baseball-style hat, which I buy on amazon or at CVS. When the weather is cold, I wear a leather jacket (see my photo upper right), which I also bought at CVS, years ago, for under $30. And I wear a watch, a $22 watch, which I originally bought at Target and, years later, purchased an exact replacement on amazon.

I look good in clothes, even cheap clothes, but I am not a clotheshorse. If/when I win a ton of money in the lottery I would not change my look, I would not become a clotheshorse. Even though I would well be able to afford $400 jeans and $400 t-shirts I wouldn't do it, I have no need to be "uber fashionable". And, no, I would not buy a $10,000 Rolex either. At this stage of life, I don't want to dress "fancy", I just want to be comfortable. And $123 million would make me comfortable. Very comfortable.