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Online since 2009, the Stu Pitt Stuff blog is cool, fun and funny. Sometimes wildly entertaining, sometimes even brilliant, and occasionally serious. Based in America (in trendy L.A.) Stu Pitt Stuff uses humor, wisdom and truth to shine a light on life's absurdities (and other stuff) and offers Stu Pitt solutions to life's problems.

Spend some time on this blog. If you do, you will laugh, you will learn things, and you might just improve your life. At the very least, you will smile. Feel free to binge-read, there are nearly 600 posts on this blog.

Read and enjoy.

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Around the world

Stu Pitt Stuff - it's everywhere!
Recently, online visitors to this blog came from the United States, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Finland, Poland, Russia, Australia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam.

Not just an American blog, Stu Pitt Stuff also gets visitors all over the world: from North America, South America, Europe, The Middle East, Asia, Australia and Africa. Literally from every continent except Antarctica. And, to rectify that, as I am sometimes stubborn (and sometimes weird), I actually tweeted the U.S. research center in Antarctica, McMurdo Station, and emailed someone else at another station in Antarctica, and asked that someone please go online and visit my blog and kindly complete my global guest quest - visitors from all 7 continents.

The point? Never give up. Even if you have to go to Antarctica.

UPDATE: a day later I received an email from an astrophysicist at a research center in Antarctica who said they went online and visited the Stu Pitt Stuff blog. Cool! Or rather, cold; at the time, in Antarctica, it was -63 C (-81 F).

Yes! I completed my global guest quest - blog visitors from all 7 continents. Am I pleased? Very.

You may be a phony

Everyone I see is on their cell phone. Young people and middle aged people, even old people, walking around reading/sending texts. On their cell phone. Walking around with their cell phone in their hand, at the ready, constantly looking down and peering at their phone to see if there is a new message.

Everyone I see is walking around texting. Ignoring the real world. Ignoring other people. Ignoring objects until they bump into them. Living through their cell phones. Phonies.

Anyone who spends all their time on their cell phone is a "phony". Are YOU a phony?

Century of Swimsuits

Do you like bathing suits? My BFF has an online exhibition displaying 100 years of fabulous designer swimsuits. It's free!

Standing in a hurricane

Once upon a time, I was 8 years old. Many many years ago. I lived in Upstate New York. In Binghamton, NY. And I went outside and stood in a hurricane. Hurricane Hazel, a monster storm. With winds strong enough to knock me down. Or literally blow me away (at 8-years-old, I didn't weigh a lot). It was a hurricane with conditions dangerous enough to kill me, with flying debris, or flooding.

I was 8 years old, and curious to see and feel what standing outside in a monster hurricane was like. I found out.

In its aftermath, here's what it looked like.

How bad was it?

From the 'Ithaca Voice', "In Binghamton's Broome County, 20,000 people were forced to flee their homes, while downtown Binghamton was buried under feet of murky brown water. 95 percent of Owego (20 miles away) was underwater, as the Susquehanna River topped its banks. 7,000 properties were damaged. Property losses in Broome and Tioga Counties alone totaled nearly a billion dollars, and two people lost their lives."

Once upon a time, I was 8-years-old. Standing outside in a huge hurricane. A deadly hurricane. An epic hurricane. 8-years-old, I went outside and stood in one of the biggest strongest hurricanes ever. It was scary. It was dangerous. It was stupid. It was cool.

I survived.

Welcome to the future

1950's classic science fiction will become fact. Robots will replace humans and the government will control everything.

Luckily, we oldsters will be dead.

the common cold

3 AM

I am sick with a cold. A severe cold. Cough, sneezing, congestion, sore throat, etc. I have been sick for an entire week. And miserable. And it feels like I am not getting any better. And I can’t take any over-the-counter cold meds, as they often contain deadly chemicals which can, and almost did, literally kill me. Nothing I usually take or do has helped very much, including liquids, rest, vitamin C, chicken soup, Cold Eeze lozenges. Yes, a while ago, I had a flu shot. AND a pneumonia shot.

A severe common cold is a truly miserable thing to have. Millions of Americans get colds, in every state, every year. Hundreds of millions of people around the world. And, with all the medical advances in the past 200 years, and the hundreds of billions/trillions of dollars spent on medical research, they still can’t find a cure for the common cold?

stupid seam

My scrotum hurts. From sitting. And from my stupid jeans, which shrunk from washing. And from the stupid junction inside the bottom of my pants where all the seams come together and form a raised knot, right where my testicles hang. As a result, sitting causes more pressure and more pain. And, no, I have not gained weight in my testicles. And, yes, I put added padding on the chair seat area. It didn't solve the problem. No, I haven't gone to the doctor, I don't think it's a medical issue, I think it's a "pants" issue.

Yes, I can take off my pants when I'm at home but I have to wear pants when I go out in public. Or not. No, the waist is not too tight. A larger size will not solve the problem because the REAL problem is that the pants manufacturers are probably making shorter "rise" pants. And, yes, all my pants cause the problem, even the brand new pair I just bought. The "rise" is the distance between the crotch and the waist. Over the years the rise seems to have gotten shorter, irritating and/or squeezing the balls of men everywhere. Plus, pants are often made with less quality material and workmanship (or machines), in foreign countries, with bigger rougher irritating crotch seams. I have always worn "full rise" pants and underwear and do not wish to wear low slung pants; I would be afraid they would fall down, embarrassing me and causing me to trip and fall down.

I could start wearing skirts. Or kilts. I'd rather not but if the pain continues I may have to consider doing that.

For comfort reasons, I could get my pants custom made, with more length in the crotch and a smoother seam junction. That would probably cost like $500 for a pair of pants and I don't want to pay that.

I could start staying home, not wearing pants, and not go out in public anymore. Not such a great solution, I'd get lonely and depressed.

I could stop sitting. But that makes writing my blog and my books very difficult.

I could get castrated. No doubt that would solve the problem but would create new, and worse, problems.

So far, I have no good, comfortable, socially acceptable solution. I will keep working on it. Excuse me, I have to stand up now. And take off my pants. Luckily, I work at home.

Ode to Notre Dame

As an American I am sad about the fire and damage re The Cathedral of Notre Dame. I was there. As a young man, I stood on the banks of the Seine, and saw it, Notre Dame, and was awed by it's beauty and magnificence, as the world has done for 800 years. 

Notre Dame was truly spectacular, an iconic Parisian monument and a major wonder of the world.

I saw it during the same magical visit to Europe when I also saw the Mona Lisa, the original, in the Louve.

The wonderful trip included London, Paris, Rome, Vienna and Copenhagen. And I had a beer in an 800-year-old pub in Birmingham, England. And, in Rome, walked on a 2,000-year-old cobblestone road, the famous Appian Way.

I am a lucky lucky grateful guy. With many many priceless memories.

And I put many of those memories into my book:

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weather suckiness

Suddenly, the weather in L.A. has become sucky. December, January, February, March. Lots of rain and cloudiness and chilliness, day and night, winter and spring, 2018-2019. It’s downright depressive. And not fun. Why, after many decades of great weather, are we sun-and-fun Los Angelenos being subjected to, gasp, lousy weather? It’s unheard of in Los Angeles. We used to get 330 sunny and warm days a year. Now, we may get only 30.

What’s causing it? What’s causing L.A.’s lousy weather? Is it Global Climate Change going local? Are minimalist millennials causing it? Is it Trump? Is it toxic white males? Racism? Sexism? Homelessness? Traffic congestion? Opioids? And, if it continues, WHERE can we move to where they have good consistent sunny and warm weather throughout the year? Another state? Another country? Another planet? Or, maybe we all just stay home and live via our cell phones and the internet and have everything delivered, by drones. And go to the doctor online, a virtual visit. And buy a humanistic robot for companionship. Going outside will be a thing of the past. Nature will become irrelevant.

The world is changing. The weather is changing. Life is changing. And it sucks. Where’s a time machine when you need one?

I'd choose 1957. July.

Spring ahead

Hi world! It’s March 17. Today, it’s 83 and sunny in Los Angeles, a beautiful day. Finally, it's warm and sunny, after months of cool 50-degree weather (it’s called cold in L.A.) and lots of rain all winter. The weather is supposed to be "tropical" here in L.A. Finally, in mid-March, we are being treated to a few warm and sunny days.

However, starting Wednesday, L.A. will be returning to cloudy 60-degree weather and rain. That’s typical Spring weather you can get ANYWHERE in the U.S., and beyond. Hey, Mother Nature, it’s supposed to be 80 degrees and sunny here, every day, not 60 degrees and rainy! Warm and sunny. 330 warm and sunny days a year. That’s why tens of millions of people live here! That’s why I live here!

If this crummy rainy weather persists, people living in Los Angeles will have to get a mini-umbrella for their cell phone.


My desire this week is to win both Mega Millions and Powerball lottery cash jackpots.

The Mega Millions cash jackpot on Tuesday will be about $150 million and Powerball on Wednesday will be about $200 million. Either one will suffice. Winning both would be OK too.

What’s YOUR desire for this week?

good deed

My Good Deed

Los Angeles and the surrounding areas were facing 3 days of rain (a big deal in arrid L.A.) Heavy rain in Southern California often produces flash floods and mudslides in hilly areas and destroys entire neighborhoods. I live on a hillside. Plus, the 6,500 miles of L.A. streets can flood. Not to mention that, if outside without an umbrella, my clothing (and I) would get sopping wet.

In advance of the 3 full days of constant rain, I thought it wise to check that my rarely used small umbrella was in good shape. I've had it for over 10 years. I checked it. It still opened and had no holes or rips but it was somewhat bent, the fabric was getting thin, and it did not open as strongly as it once did. I decided to buy a new umbrella. In advance of the coming 3 days of rain.

I bought a new small umbrella at my local 24-hour pharmacy. It cost about $11. Yes, I tried it before I bought it. And I was smart enough not to throw out the old one until I bought a new one, in case all stores in my area were sold out and I would be left with 3 days of steady rain and no umbrella. Now, I had 2 umbrellas. At the pharmacy, after the purchase, I thought about throwing the old umbrella away but decided instead to give it to someone who did not have an umbrella. But it was night and there was no one around. I drove home, the proud owner of two umbrellas.

I parked my car, I looked around and saw another car pulling in and parking in a nearby spot. I got out and locked my car, carrying my two umbrellas. The occupants of the other car exited and walked my way. It was a woman and her son. I greeted them and asked them if they were ready for the rain. They said yes, they had heard that it was coming. I asked if they had an umbrella. The women said no. Perfect. I had found someone to gift my old umbrella to. I told her that it was her lucky day! I said, "I have 2 umbrellas. I just bought a new one. And the old one still works. I only need 1 umbrella. I will give you the old one and now you will have an umbrella for the 3 days of rain! A free umbrella." I handed her the umbrella. She was thrilled. And grateful. I added, "AND, in giving you this free umbrella, I am doing a good deed, I am doing my good deed for the week." She agreed. And she promised to "pay it forward", to do a good deed for someone else. I felt good. The woman felt good. Doing a good deed felt good. For both parties.

Do a good deed today. Do a good deed every day. Or every week. Or whenever you can. It's a blessing. A blessing YOU can originate. Now, go do a good deed.

I am stimulating

I am stimulating. I am stimulating the economy. I am buying some stuff, thereby creating jobs.

I bought a new t-shirt and a new cell phone carrier that clips on my belt. And a bunch of e-cig cartridges. I bought it all online, sitting on my ass.

And I'm not done yet.

Be stimulating. Buy something.


Back to the Future

Like many baby boomers, I got tired of all the modern distractions, complications and stupidity and spent some time on google -- trying to find a real life 1950’s retro style town to maybe move to and live there. Nostalgia. Simplicity. Apparently, there are no towns like that. That would be cool: living a simple but cool mid-to-late 1950’s lifestyle, with a few modern updates like cell phone, internet and cable tv (with a remote control).

And cruising around in a ’57 Chevy with the AM radio blasting Elvis. (back then we did actually have a blue ‘57 Chevy and I did blast Elvis!)

carhop restaurant

Welcome to the new shopping

Lately, I can't find stuff I want to buy in stores. It isn't there. Lately, for the past year or so, I am buying more and more of the things I want, and need, online.

Even Walmart does not have my desired stuff in stock in their store, even though they list it for sale on their site. I have had to buy the shoes I want online, even though they are replacements for the same exact shoes I bought a couple of months ago - at Walmart. And, no, I am not a weird shoe size, I am a size 8. And, worse, when I decided to buy yet another pair a few months after that, no one online or in stores - anywhere in the world - had them. These shoes fit me well and I liked them a lot. These shoes are now extinct.

Underwear? You would think that in Los Angeles, department stores would carry Jockey men's underwear. NOT. I went to 3-4 department stores and ended up buying the desired Jockey sport microfiber boxer briefs online. And, no, I am not a weird size, I wear a Large.

Yes, besides patterned ones, I got plain colors too: black, green. I now have 8 pairs, all purchased online. Because I could not find them in my local stores.

I needed a new pair of scissors, to clip and snip my sideburns. Simple 5-inch scissors. Local stores did not have what I wanted. I had to buy them on amazon.

Recently, I needed to buy some more vitamin C. I like the GNC brand, 500 mg, chewable, mixed fruit, 90 tablets. I have been taking them for years.
I drove to my local GNC store to get another 90 tablet bottle. They didn't have any. I said, "You make the darn things, how can you not have any?" The clerk shrugged and said he didn't know. I ended up buying them online - on ebay. They arrived with many broken tablets, due no doubt to rough shipping.

My new teapot. Not.
And this week I wished to buy a replacement tea kettle, as my 10-year-old tea kettle was getting corroded on the inside bottom. Time to buy a new tea kettle. No problem, right? Wrong! I looked up my beloved tea kettle online and saw that amazon sold it. For $12.49. Good. I put the tea kettle in my amazon shopping cart and got ready to pay for it and have it shipped. I then noticed that it said shipping time was 1-2 months. MONTHS? WTF? I called amazon to report the error. They looked into it and said the 1-2 months shipping time was correct. Apparently, they were out of stock at the moment - but still selling it! I told amazon that doing so was stupid and I deleted the item from my shopping cart, frustrated and annoyed. I then looked online again and, voila, Target had it in stock. At the same price. And they had it in stock. I drove the 10 miles to one of my 2 local Target stores. I tried to find the tea kettle and walked the entire store trying to locate it. Finally, I asked an employee and he took me over to the mini-section of tea kettles, buried among the coffee makers. I looked closely and could not find my new tea kettle. It was not on the shelf. They had a cheaper tinier one but I did not want that one. Target did not have any of my tea kettles in stock, even though their website said they did. The employee suggested I order it online via I told him that I looked into that and saw that I could not order it online without first signing up for a Target account -- and being FORCED to receive their email offers and promotions. No thanks, Target, go F yourself! I walked out of the store, annoyed. I drove home and ate lunch. Later, I decided to try the other Target store and see if they had my tea kettle in stock, ready for me to drive there and buy it. Their website said there was 1 left, in stock, at that store. I jumped in the car and sped over to the second Target store, happy to be replacing my wonderful teapot with an exact replacement. I went into the store and looked around for the "coffee machine" section. I couldn't find it. I walked the entire store (the second one that day) and finally asked an employee where the tea kettles were. He took me over to the well hidden tiny section. There was, once again, an empty space on the shelf where my tea kettle should have been! I was outraged! Why the F did the Target website show it in stock, in the store, in TWO stores, if it wasn't available, wasn't there??? After spending hours driving to, and walking through, 2 Target stores, I had no new teapot! Welcome to online shopping and picking your item up at the store.

The Acer Ferrari laptop $3,000

And, worst of all, when I needed to buy a new laptop, with maybe the exception of the Apple Store, the in-store selection sucked. Very few laptops are on display in electronic stores anymore, even here in the second largest city in the US!

I don't know about you but I need to put my hands on a laptop, on the keyboard, I need to SEE the actual screen resolution, I need to HEAR the speakers. You can buy hundreds of brands of laptops online, but very few are on display in a store, where you can physically touch the product and decide if it's looks and feels great, looks and feels good, or it totally sucks. If I'm going to spend upwards of $1,000 (or more), I want to test drive the f-ing thing. In real life! And no, I don't want to order a laptop online only to have to return it and maybe do that 5 different times - trying to find a laptop I will be reasonably happy with.

Based on all the above, am I a happy shopper? What do you think?

Welcome to the new consumer economy. Where you can no longer find what you want in a brick-and-mortar store. Welcome to the new consumer economy, where you have to buy your stuff online, and wait days or maybe weeks to receive it. Or go back to the store to pick it up after they ship it there (with the horrific traffic in L.A. that can take 2 hours). When I want to buy something, and I want/need to use it that day, or try it on, buying online does not work! Yes, Amazon Prime has same-day delivery (on some items) but I am not a Prime member and would rather not become one.

More and more, I am buying the stuff I want, and need, online (if possible). Because much of the stuff I want, and need, is not available in physical stores.

Welcome to the new consumer economy. Welcome to sitting on your ass and shopping with your cell phone. Now, you'll have to excuse me, I am going to take myself to the supermarket. Yes, I know they'll deliver but, as a old-school human, I want to be around some other humans.

Beautiful Day

December 13, 2018

In New York’s Central Park the forecast for today is a high of 39 degrees F, with rain and snow.

In Anchorage, Alaska today’s forecast is a high of 22 degrees F, with snow showers.

In Los Angeles, today will be 75 degrees F and sunny. A beautiful day. In the middle of December. No rain, no snow, no ice. No jacket.

And the reason millions of people live here.

watch what you say

I was in the supermarket, looking at the TV dinners. Next to me was an older lady. She pointed at the Hungry Man dinners, laughed, and said, "You know, they should rename those products. Hungry Man is no longer politically correct. It favors men and excludes women. They should rename it 'Hungry Person'.

I laughed and agreed. As she walked away, I had a creative thought.

I called out to the lady, "No, not Hungry Person. Hungry Human!"

She kept walking and, over her shoulder, gave me a thumbs up.

Then, when I thought about it, I realized that, to be politically correct, you can't use the word human anymore. Hu man. It contains the word "man". OMG, after millions of years, we have to find another word for our species! How about hu person?

my swimming pool

No, it's not "my" pool. It's the swimming pool in the community where I live. The clubhouse and pool were recently renovated - and this is what the pool area looks like now. Brand new. Modern, luxurious, gorgeous. It also has numerous large screen outdoor TVs, perfect for sporting events, etc. And barbecue grills. And an outdoor gym. And deer.

Welcome to where I live. In L.A. In the Hollywood Hills. Where I live is like a rural, natural landscape hilly area - a scenic setting with lots of trees, grass, plants, flowers, birds and animals - located in the middle of a huge sprawling city of 12 million people. Am I glad I live in this community? Yes! Am I grateful I live here? Yes!

Sorry, the pool is not open to the public, it's available only to residents and guests. And deer.

The day of rest

Sunday. Sunday is the day of rest. Except I don’t have a regular job and don’t have/need regular weekends. I don't take days off. Going at my own pace, I keep busy, but not too busy, I prefer to be productive, doing the things I like to do. And avoiding the things I don't like to do. Today, Sunday, the day of rest, I have a lot of important things to do, important things like doing a laundry, taking a shower, getting a haircut, grocery shopping, copyrighting a book, building a website, and getting 2 new iphones.

And, because I got so little sleep, so little rest last night, I can’t do much of anything. I'm too tired to do anything. I hate to “waste” the day, to “sleep the day away”, it feels so “unproductive”. Perhaps I will compromise. I can take a nap THEN, if I feel up to it, I can do a few of the doable things. That may make me feel productive, ish.

A Fortune in Food

I saw something today I have never seen before. A supermarket shopping spree that broke records.

I was in my local supermarket in Burbank, California at 2 PM on a Wednesday, had finished shopping and was checking out, when a checker came over and told my check out person (the manager on duty) that a customer, at the checkout stand 2 aisles over, was buying a lot of groceries, so many groceries that the checker could not finish checking the guy out, because the system was full and would not ring up any more items. What? Can't check out because you're buying too many items!? In all my life, I had NEVER seen that! The checker told the manager that the customer was buying $3,000 worth of groceries. WOW! The manager asked the checker how the guy was paying and the checker said she didn't know but would find out. She went back to her checkout stand, a little shook up. The manager looked at me and said, "In my many many years here, I have never seen anyone buy anywhere near $3,000 worth of groceries in one shopping trip." Neither had I and I have been shopping there for 30 years.

I was obviously interested in why the guy was buying so many groceries. As I was leaving the store, I looked over and saw a line of full shopping carts. Maybe 5-6 full shopping carts. The carts had EVERYTHING in them; food items, household cleaning items, kids' cereals, everything. I looked over at the customer, a medium sized good looking black male, about 30 years old. He looked comfortable standing there in a black t-shirt and pants and waiting to be processed and to pay, like he bought thousands of dollars of groceries all the time. A rich, hungry guy in L.A. Huh, there's no shortage of those. I wondered why he was buying so much stuff. Big party? Stocking a huge house? Feeding a huge family? $3,000 worth of groceries is a LOT of groceries. I was very curious but did not want to intrude and ask him. No one else wanted to ask him either.

I left the store and walked to my vehicle. Speaking of vehicles, I wondered how the big spender was going to transport all the groceries. I looked around the parking lot and saw no convoy of SUVs or trucks. I assumed that he was going to have to have the supermarket deliver it all.

I drove away. As I drove away, I had another thought about the giant purchase, a fortune of food.

As I live in the middle of the Hollywood entertainment industry, among numerous major studios, it also occurred to me that such a large purchase might be part of a movie, TV or music production. A cast party? Props? There are always a lot of entertainment business productions going on nearby. In fact, the TV show, "Superstore", is produced right down the street from the supermarket. Though I had not seen the show, "Superstore" is about the goings on in a "hypermarket", a superstore that sells a ton of different products, including groceries. Aha! Maybe the show was restocking its shelves and needed to show real food and lots of real grocery items - and sent the guy to a real supermarket, the closest supermarket, to buy real stuff to film on the shelves on the fake TV store. Weird, but that makes a lot of sense.

And, until and if I learn the truth, I'm going to speculate that this was why someone spent a record $3,000 buying every imaginable type of grocery product in the supermarket. Welcome to Hollyweird. And a fortune of food.

The next time I went to the supermarket the checker who rang up that huge order confirmed to me that it was indeed the TV show, "Superstore", that made the $3,000 purchase of groceries.

Pool Boy

I started playing pool at age 10. At the YMCA. It took me months but I became good at it. I played for hours each Saturday. For years. It helped develop my mind, my brain, my eyesight and my confidence. Good things to develop at age 10.

I loved playing pool. It is a game of logic, a game of math and geometry and angles and a game of skill. Like golf, or bowling, it is you, playing against yourself. I played pool throughout my youth. And beyond. I became good at it. Very good at it. I even impressed my dad, who saw me play and was so impressed, he bought me my own pool cue. I loved that pool stick. Nearly every day, during high school, I went to the local pool hall down the street from the school, and played for an hour or so, before I walked the several miles back home. It was a real pool hall. Darkish, green felt, two hanging lights over the tables, pool cue racks on the wall. I played straight pool and nine ball. I was able to beat nearly everybody in the pool hall and throughout my city. One day, the local "best player" challenged me to a game of straight pool. He was the 4th ranked pool player in the country. His name was Alan Kiehl. He was GOOD. I beat him. OK, he spotted me 10 balls to a game of 25; I only had to sink 15 balls while he had to sink 25, but I won! I beat the 4th best player in the United States! I was 18. Now, THAT was good for a young man's confidence!!!

I even seriously considered going pro, becoming a professional pool player, except they had only a few tournaments in those days and I would have had to travel the country and hustle pool. That can be dangerous, especially when a tough guy in some pool hall loses his money to you and gets angry. In the end, I decided to go to college instead, where I was the best pool player on campus.

As I aged, my eyesight was not as sharp as it needed to be in order to be a really good pool player. Yes, I wore glasses but it wasn't enough. I played occasionally for a few more years but I could no longer play up to my own high standards, due to eye-hand coordination and eyesight. I eventually gave up playing pool. But I can still play in my mind!

I give credit to playing pool for helping to give me a sharp quick mind, which I have had for an entire lifetime. Thank you, pocket billiards, I honor you as you honored me.

where are the butterflies?

Lately, here in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, I have not seen any butterflies. I used to see them around, all the time, now I see none. Where are the butterflies? Did they leave? Did they move to Texas, did they leave California, like many people have? Did the butterflies relocate to greener pastures? Were they driven away by humans? By drought? Are butterflies in my area extinct?

I miss seeing beautiful butterflies flapping their wings and perching on flowers. The butterflies were beautiful. Colorful. Heart lifting. Calming. Nature at its best. Where are they? Where are the butterflies?

And the same thing has happened to the ladybugs. They used to be here. And, sometimes, they would land on my hand, looking cute and colorful.

Message to butterflies and ladybugs: "Come back!"

Are you deficient?

You may be deficient.

Deficient in vitamins.

Vitamin deficiency can be a problem, a big problem. It's a silent epidemic. A silent epidemic that causes serious health problems worldwide. No, I am not a health nut. I found out about vitamin deficiency epidemics the hard way, by being an unknowing victim, by being deficient, deficient in 2 major vitamins.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH): "Vitamin D deficiency is a global health problem. With all the medical advances of the century, vitamin D deficiency is still epidemic. Over a billion people worldwide are vitamin D deficient or insufficient. Yet no international health organization or governmental body has declared a health emergency to warn the public about the urgent need of achieving sufficient vitamin D blood levels.

Vitamin D3 deficiency can result in obesity, diabetes, hypertension, depression, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, osteoporosis and neuro-degenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s disease. Vitamin D deficiency may even contribute to the development of cancers, especially breast, prostate, and colon cancers." OMG!

Vitamin B12
According to The Pittsburgh Better Times, 2017, "A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association revealed that more than half of Americans take some form of dietary supplement for their overall health. Our friends and family taking multivitamins, fish oils and other vitamin supplements is nothing new and something we might all consider.

However, too few of us recognize a key vitamin we may be lacking—B12. Vitamin B12 deficiency has become a silent epidemic. Some of the most commonly mentioned side effects include fatigue, lack of energy, sluggishness and dizziness. While there is a bucket full of other causes we might blame for such symptoms—such as lack of sleep, depression or even more serious health risks, such as anemia—the scary truth is that a deficiency in vitamin B12 could ultimately be behind many if not all of these issues mentioned here."

As for me, I was deficient in vitamin D3. AND vitamin B12. I was having symptoms, physical and mental symptoms which were decreasing my quality of life. I attributed the symptoms to aging. I had no idea that it may have been vitamin deficiency. It was. Throughout my adult lifetime, my doctors never checked my vitamin levels. I, the patient, upon doing my own research online, had to ask my doctor to test me for vitamin deficiency. When my doctor orders blood testing for me (1-2 times a year), among other things, the blood test normally includes potassium, calcium and protein. It does NOT normally include vitamins.

The next time you have blood tests, ask your doctor to check your vitamin levels!!! Especially vitamin D and vitamin B12

What about taking vitamin supplements to make sure you're getting enough vitamins? Good idea? Yes. And No. I am not a doctor or a nutritionist, but the research I did reveals that the usual over the counter multivitamins are often not strong enough if you have a deficiency or a tendency towards deficiency. For instance, a major one a day brand has 50 micrograms of the important vitamin B12. My doctor has me on 1,000 micrograms daily. The same brand also has 1200 IU of the important vitamin D3. I am on a daily maintenance dose of 2,000 IU. Even if you take daily supplements, do not assume you are getting enough of the essential vitamins if you happen to be deficient - and don't know it. If possible, get tested. I do it via my doctor. I do not know how (or if) a nutritionist can test to determine nutritional and vitamin deficiencies, or if the testing is covered by health insurance. I looked online but it was not clearly revealed.

Be as healthy as you can. Stay as healthy as you can. It's worth it!