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Online since 2009, the Stu Pitt Stuff blog is cool, fun and funny, and wildly entertaining (and often brilliant and occasionally serious). Based in America (in trendy L.A.) Stu Pitt Stuff uses humor, wisdom and truth to shine a light on life's absurdities (and other stuff) and offers Stu Pitt solutions to life's problems.

Spend some time on this blog. If you do, you will laugh, you will learn things, and you might just improve your life. At the very least, you will smile.

Read and enjoy.

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Around the world

Stu Pitt Stuff - it's everywhere!
Recently, online visitors to this blog came from the United States, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Finland, Poland, Russia, Australia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam.

Not just an American blog, Stu Pitt Stuff also gets visitors all over the world: from North America, South America, Europe, The Middle East, Asia, Australia and Africa. Literally from every continent except Antarctica. And, to rectify that, as I am sometimes stubborn (and sometimes weird), I actually tweeted the U.S. research center in Antarctica, McMurdo Station, and emailed someone else at another station in Antarctica, and asked that someone please go online and visit my blog and kindly complete my global guest quest - visitors from all 7 continents.

The point? Never give up. Even if you have to go to Antarctica.

UPDATE: a day later I received an email from an astrophysicist at a research center in Antarctica who said they went online and visited the Stu Pitt Stuff blog. Cool! Or rather, cold; at the time, in Antarctica, it was -63 C (-81 F).

Yes! I completed my global guest quest - blog visitors from all 7 continents. Am I pleased? Very.

my swimming pool

No, it's not "my" pool. It's the swimming pool in the community where I live. The clubhouse and pool were recently renovated - and this is what the pool area looks like now. Brand new. Modern, luxurious, gorgeous. It also has numerous large screen outdoor TVs, perfect for sporting events, etc. And barbecue grills. And an outdoor gym. And deer.

Welcome to where I live. In L.A. In the Hollywood Hills. Where I live is like a rural, natural landscape hilly area - a scenic setting with lots of trees, grass, plants, flowers, birds and animals - located in the middle of a huge sprawling city of 12 million people. Am I glad I live in this community? Yes! Am I grateful I live here? Yes!

Sorry, the pool is not open to the public, it's available only to residents and guests. And deer.

You may be a phony

Everyone I see is on their cell phone. Young people and middle aged people, even old people, walking around reading/sending texts. On their cell phone. Walking around with their cell phone in their hand, at the ready, constantly looking down and peering at their phone to see if there is a new message.

Everyone I see is walking around texting. Ignoring the real world. Ignoring other people. Ignoring objects until they bump into them. Living through their cell phones. Phonies.

Anyone who spends all their time with their cell phone is a "phony". Are YOU a phony?

where are the butterflies?

Lately, here in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, I have not seen any butterflies. I used to see them around, all the time, now I see none. Where are the butterflies? Did they leave? Did they move to Texas, did they leave California, like many people have? Did the butterflies relocate to greener pastures? Were they driven away by humans? By drought? Are butterflies in my area extinct?

I miss seeing beautiful butterflies flapping their wings and perching on flowers. The butterflies were beautiful. Colorful. Heart lifting. Calming. Nature at its best. Where are they? Where are the butterflies?

And the same thing has happened to the ladybugs. They used to be here. And, sometimes, they would land on my hand, looking cute and colorful.

Message to butterflies and ladybugs: "Come back!"

Miss Disco

I miss Disco. I miss the 1970's.

Disco was music you could dance to. Tap your feet to. Sing along with. Like rock & roll, disco had melody, words you could understand, and a good beat. It uplifted you, excited you. Maybe disco seemed so great because back then, baby boomers were young, in their 20's and 30's. Young and full of energy. And surging hormones.

And disco came along in the early-70's, during the age of free love. Free love? Oh, yeah. Women were sexually open, and often welcomed sex for sport, for fun. All you had to do was ask.

guy: "Wanna have sex?"

girl: "OK".

And sometimes a woman would walk up to a man, a man she maybe didn't even know, and ask him if he wanted to have sex. No date, no dinner, no verbal foreplay. Free. Free love. God, I miss the 70's! It had everything: good drugs, good music and good sex.

Let me put you in a 70's mood. From the smash movie, "Saturday Night Fever" (1977), here is the best disco song ever, "Stayin' Alive", by the Bee Gees. Play it and see if you don't nod your head, move your shoulders, tap your feet and feel GOOD. Or, you might get up and dance! Get up and boogie! Or ... strut!

And, if you want some more, here's more

Be A Smiley Face

by Andrew Lawrence

The Magic of a Smile

A genuine smile tells the world you are happy. And the world responds to a smile; people like you when you smile. And when people like you they are more apt to wish you well, to want to make good things happen for you. When you smile people are more attracted to you, you are more approachable, it’s easier to start a conversation and a smile makes other people feel good, it makes other people feel happier, which in turn makes YOU feel good, makes YOU feel happier. It doesn’t have to be a big smile, it can be a little smile … as long as it’s a genuine smile. A genuine smile can work wonders. Put a smile on your face. And if people ask you why you are smiling (and they will) just tell them, “I’m alive. That’s a good reason to smile“.

Make your soul happy
Your soul does not want money, a new car, new clothes, new shoes or a new handbag. Your soul does not want to be petty, vengeful, angry, sad, confused, tired or sick. Your soul does not want to be obese or anorexic, or watch more TV or send and receive more text messages. Your soul does not need a college education or a PhD or a better job or a hot stock or more credit cards. Your soul does not want to drink lots of beer or wine or scotch or rum or bourbon or gin or vodka. Your soul does not want to snort cocaine, shoot heroin, do methamphetamines or smoke marijuana. Your soul does not want to smoke cigars or cigarettes, Your soul does not want to binge on cheeseburgers, pizza, ice cream, potato chips or chocolate (though a little chocolate IS good for the soul).

The soul wants few things. The things a soul wants do not cost money. The things the soul wants are free. The soul wants Peace. It wants Harmony. It wants Nature. It wants Beauty. It wants Love. It wants to be Recognized. It wants to be Happy.

When strangers smile or nod at you, without speaking, that’s their soul recognizing your soul. Saying hello. I often smile or nod at perfect strangers and, if eye contact is made, rarely fail to get a nod or smile in return. That is my soul recognizing their soul and their soul returning the greeting. The recognition feels good. It’s good for the soul. It makes the soul happy. That recognition connects souls, connects people at a higher level, a spiritual level, a metaphysical level, the level of the soul. It makes you feel part of the human race, part of the universe. And also makes you feel that you are not alone.

Put a smile on your face. Be a smiley face.

Do this every day. Do it today. Now. Whenever you see someone, and they're looking your way, smile. Give them a genuine smile. And get one in return. It's 2 souls saying hello. Do it and see how good you feel ... and how much better your life is! Make it a habit.

The above is an excerpt from my book, "The Happiness Transformation". If you want to be happy, now, and for the rest of your life, click here.

No chirping

The landlord is renovating my apartment complex. Among other things, they replaced the sliding door to my balcony with a new one that is highly energy efficient and provides better insulation. It will more efficiently keep the heat and air conditioning inside, saving me money on my electric bill.

What I did notice is that, inside my apartment, I also now hear almost no noise from outside. Normally, that's a good thing but now I no longer hear the birds chirping outside. That's not a good thing. I did enjoy hearing the birds' daily chirping in the early morning hours. Birds chirping. A sound of nature. A sound of life. Now gone.

No more hearing birds chirping outside? What can I do about it? I could open the door and hear the birds chirping again. However, at 6 AM, even in warmer months, it's a bit too cold for that. When I get up early and have my coffee at my computer, I could blast the heat and open the door but that defeats the whole purpose of energy efficient doors/windows. What will I do? Give up hearing birds chirping outside? Delay hearing chirping birds until the day warms up enough to open the sliding door to the outside? Or, wait until I leave the apartment and go outside, and once outside, stand there like an idiot and listen to the birds chirping? Buy some birds and keep them in a cage in my apartment? I don't want to do that, birds should live outside and fly in the sky, free, the way nature made them.

What I need is indoor chirping, to replace the no longer available outside chirping.

What I need is a 24/7 "chirping channel" on my cable TV or online. Or a "chirping" app for my cell phone. Yes, that would be a creative chirping solution. Crazy, but creative.

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Hoppy Birthday!

To everyone who is having a birthday

Hoppy Birthday!

poker millionaire

I am an online millionaire. An online poker millionaire. I play online poker.

I am a good online poker player. I play Texas Hold Em. Online. I play everyday, usually at lunchtime. In a relatively short amount of time, I have accumulated $5 million playing online poker. $5 million ... in play money. Play money? Why don't I play online poker for real money? There are two reasons. Firstly, as of this writing, it is still illegal to play real money online poker if you live in the U.S. Secondly, Texas Hold Em poker is not truly a game of skill, there is too much "luck" involved. I did a lot of research, research that revealed that Texas Hold Em poker is, in the end, often a matter of simply getting good cards. Sometimes, you get a streak of terrific winning hands. Sometimes you get all lousy hands. Yes, you can bluff but, in the end, if other players are getting good cards, they will beat you every time.

Based on my 6 months of intensive research, the best way to play Texas Hold Em poker is to play until you hit a streak of good/great cards. Then bet a lot - until your streak ends (which it will sooner or later). The problem with that is that, if you are playing for real money, you may hit a good streak right away, much later, or never. So you may need a great deal of real money to survive until/unless you do hit a good streak. Statistically, you could get a hundred bad hands - in a row. Or a thousand. Or a million! You would soon go broke playing bad cards. That's why I don't play poker for real money. It's a matter of streaks, good and bad. Meanwhile, I get mildly excited playing online poker for play money. And that's enough for me to keep playing. To gamble with REAL money, I play the lottery. It's only $2 a game. And it's exciting to imagine winning millions of REAL dollars! And I only need one $2 ticket to win a huge jackpot. Yes, the odds of winning the lottery jackpot are like 292 million to 1. So what? Somebody eventually alway wins. Why not me?



Pneumonia. An infection of the lungs. A nasty disease. Plus, it's really hard to spell.

I have a better idea.

If you get pneumonia for the first time, it's a new ailment. Why don't we call it/spell it "newmonia", new monia.

If you already had newmonia and get it again, why don't we call it oldmonia? Or remonia?

What's YOUR life purpose?

What's your true purpose in life?

Find out here

Bore dumb

Sometimes my mind goes blank. My mind is empty, not a thought in sight. I don't have anything to do for the moment. And I can't think of anything to do. It's boredom. I am sitting here doing nothing, not thinking, not doing anything. It's both nice and scary. Nice in that it is relaxing. Scary because I am totally idle and afraid it will continue forever. I like to utilize my brain and for the last half-hour, it's not working, it's empty, idle, the off switch activated. Will my brain start up again? When? Am I brain dead but alive, conscious and alert? Have I literally lost my mind?

Boredom. Boredom makes me feel dumb. Boredumb. Luckily, boredom is not permanent. Life restarts. Even though idleness and nothingness has taken over, sooner or later, life once again will require our attention. Good. Or bad. Either way, boredumb will end. And, after life and its busyness reigns again, I will long for boredumb to return.

stop pot

Toking Toddlers

Kids should not smoke weed. Young people should not smoke weed. Even if it became legal.

Making marijuana taboo and/or declaring it illegal for underage people won't work, it'll just make kids want it even more. Like cigarettes and alcohol. So, how do we effectively stop underage kids from smoking marijuana? It's easy. All we have to do is show underage youngsters a bunch of old people smoking pot!

Their reaction? "Ewww. Old people smoke marijuana? Not cool. I ain't gonna do weed. Ever."

Hey kids, guess what?
Your GRANDMA smokes weed!

That'll stop kids from using marijuana. Problem solved.

pic words

Communication via images




I'll be back.

Do not read the bible

GQ's Citizen of the Year is a black millionaire NFL player who refused to stand during the US National Anthem and instead knelt on the field to protest racism, insulting and alienating millions of NFL fans

"GQ: Men's Fashion, Style, Grooming, Fitness, Lifestyle, News & Politics". GQ used to be known as Gentlemen's Quarterly magazine. It was founded in 1931. GQ also published a list of 21 books "you don't have to read". According to the editors of GQ, among the books you don't have to read is the Bible. According to GQ, "It is repetitive, self-contradictory, sententious, foolish, and even at times ill-intentioned."

Also on the GQ list of books you don't have to read is "The Old Man and the Sea" and "The Catcher in the Rye", two of the best books I have ever read ... and over my lifetime I've read thousands. As a book reader, and an author, I am highly insulted. Famous books you don't have to read? Because a bunch of literary elitists at GQ decided which books we ought not bother to read? Are the GQ editors young, and arrogant, with the attention span of a goldfish? Or are they just lefty loony liberal elites, with a lack of literary history?

In addition, GQ has a long history of being non-inclusive, appealing mainly to males. According to current liberal standards, this makes GQ anti-women and politically incorrect. Hmm. Maybe GQ belongs on a a list of the most overrated publications, publications you don't have to read.

Drinking too much

Here are some signs that you are drinking too much


"Some signs that your drinking habits are turning unhealthy include gaining weight, being sick more often, your skin is suffering, taking more risks, forgetting things, trouble sleeping, feeling down and skipping out on responsibilities."

I don't drink but those are the same signs I noticed as I was getting old!

McChicken sandwich with spider

From FoxNews

A McDonald’s customer was in for a not-so-tasty surprise when she bit into her McChicken Sandwich Monday afternoon.

Classical singer Ciara Harvie was eating at a McDonald’s in Edinburgh, Scotland, when she discovered a dead spider nestled between the shreds of lettuce in her sandwich.

Ewww. Is that going to be a new McDonald's offering, the McSpider?

Eating Linner

Because I get up early and eat breakfast and lunch early I am hungry again at like 4 PM. As a result I often eat an early dinner.

My dinner time is other people's late lunch time.

As a result of my schedule, and my age, I often eat an evening meal at late lunch/early dinner time. I eat my evening meal in the late afternoon/early evening. Is it a late lunch or an early dinner? It could be either one, depending on what you eat. It could also be both lunch and dinner. Late lunch/early dinner. It's called linner. Yes, according to the Urban Dictionary, it's an actual word. I eat linner. Yum.

awareness dreaming

Often, at night, when I am sleeping and dreaming, I am aware that I am dreaming. I thought it was weird, that maybe something was wrong with my brain. It's kind of like daydreaming only you're asleep. Was this being caused by something in my diet? A medication? A brain tumor? Or was I just going insane? It kept happening, night after night.

What do I mean, being aware that I am dreaming? It's almost like I am monitoring my dream. I am both inside the dream and outside of the dream, observing and commenting to myself on what is happening in the dream. Here's an example. Let's say I'm sound asleep and dreaming that I am talking to a dog ... and the dog is talking to me. Yes, I'm having a two-way conversation with a dog. At the same time, maybe in another part of my brain, I am observing the dream and thinking, "What the heck? Dogs don't exactly speak English. How is the dog talking to me? WHY is the dog speaking to me? Where did this crazy dream come from?" I am asleep but aware that I'm dreaming.

This being aware that I'm dreaming is happening every night. I became concerned so I looked it up on the internet. I found it. It's called "lucid dreaming". It's weird, interesting and kind of fun. "Lucid dreaming" is a documented and normal fairly common thing. And it adds a new dimension to my dreams. Being aware that you are dreaming is kinda cool. "Hey, I'm dreaming". It also helps to know you're dreaming if you have an unpleasant dream or a nightmare; it makes the dream less frightening and allows you to possibly wake yourself up if things get too scary.

And often, while lucid dreaming, I am amused or pleased by my dream. Being aware that I am dreaming can be an interesting and fun phenomenon. Especially if I'm having a sexy dream! It's almost like the real thing. Maybe better. And sometimes I can even guide the action. Oh, yeah!

Lucid dreaming. Now that, dreamwise, I know I'm not ill or crazy, lucid dreaming is cool. And interesting. And enlightening. And often fun. There are no limits as to what I can dream and I can be aware of what I'm dreaming as I'm dreaming it. I now look forward to lucid dreaming, every night. Tonight maybe I'll dream I'm a superhero. Or a billionaire. Or a writer.

"To sleep, perchance to dream"
- William Shakespeare

no good deed

There is an old saying, "No good deed goes unpunished."

I can attest to that.

The other day I was going into my local supermarket and saw an older lady struggling to get a shopping cart out of the row of interlocked shopping carts. I stepped up and pulled the cart out for her. I then noticed that there was a large green piece of paper (food wrapper?) in the bottom of the cart. I asked the woman if she wanted the paper to remain in the bottom of the cart and she laughed and said no. I picked the paper up and went to throw it into a large nearby trash receptacle. When I did so, I banged my thumb on the side of the trash bin opening. I banged it hard. Ouch! Yes, I felt it. Yes, it hurt. Hours later I had a nice dark red bruise/hematoma on my skin where I banged it. The bruise was very ugly and very noticeable and over the next few days a number of people noticed it and commented on it, including a doctor's assistant.

It took like five days for the unsightly bruise to start going away. It looked a lot worse in the days before I took the above photo.

So I did a good deed and got a bad bruise for my efforts. Is that what I get for helping someone, for doing a good deed? No good deed goes unpunished?

Upon reflection, I would do it again, I would help someone who needed help. I am a good deed doer. Even if no good deed goes unpunished. Even if I get a bad bruise for my good deed. Because I am a nice person who wants to help others. That's who I am.


It can be scary to be a pioneer. To go where you have not gone before. To set foot in a new unknown experience. To embark on a journey, with no GPS, no roadmap, no trail. To put yourself in the mystical magical place of art. To be an artist.

An artist is a pioneer. Overcoming his or her fears or obstacles to visit a new reality, a unique and special place of wonder and enchantment. To draw, to paint, to make music, to sing, to dance, to act. To write. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

Be an artist. Be a pioneer. In whatever you do.

Recommended books

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Amazon stealth delivery

I bought something on amazon. A new laundry bag. I bought it on a Friday and it was delivered to my residence on Sunday. Quite fast. On Sunday morning, I opened my door to go out and, viola, there it was, a package from amazon sitting on the floor outside my door. Huh. I never heard amazon deliver the package. I was home all night and all morning. The delivery person never knocked on my door. I did not get an email notification that the package had been delivered. It was a secret amazon delivery, a "stealth delivery". The package was delivered and was sitting in the hallway outside my door, waiting for me - or a thief (aka porch pirate).

I live in a large complex in Los Angeles. There are over 1,100 units here. Leaving anything of value on the floor outside a residence - for hours or days - is probably not a good idea. Luckily, I happened to find my amazon package soon after it was delivered to the hallway outside my door.

Does amazon deliver packages this way to houses also? Do millions of people leave their home, are gone all day, and come home in the evening to find an amazon package sitting on their front porch? Or stolen?

I understand why the amazon delivery person dumps packages outside the door and doesn't even bother to knock and wait while the resident (or no one) comes to the door to personally accept the package. Stealth delivery is faster. It's more efficient. By quickly dumping off the package outside a residence, with no notification, the delivery person gets to finish their work more quickly and go home earlier. However, we amazon buyers PAY for shipping, one way or the other, and want to have our amazon packages delivered to our residence as they should be, personally, not delivered in stealth mode.

Dear Amazon,

We appreciate the convenience and fast shipping and good customer service when shopping online at However, you are putting our patience - and our pockets - at risk with your stealth delivery.


Amazon buyers in residences worldwide